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You've all made it pleasant for me, Allyn; you and Cousin Ted more than any of the rest." "I I'm glad if we have. It doesn't seem so. But what am I going to do without you, Cis?" "Take to Jamie Lyman," she said merrily. "He won't fight with you as I do. Tell me about Mr. Barrett, Allyn. How long is he going to stay?" "Till the day before Christmas." "I hope he will call here.

"So am I. I wouldn't have missed that oration for a great deal. I could smell the arbutus say, it was great, Amanda!" At that moment Lyman Mertzheimer joined them. "Congratulations, Amanda," he said in his affected manner. As the good- looking son of a wealthy man he credited himself with the possession of permissible pride.

Confound it, you help make three-fourths of the news in the neighborhood and then won't print it because it concerns you. All news concerns somebody, you must understand." They went into the editorial room. Lyman took up his pipe and Warren stood looking at him. Lyman sat down and lighted his pipe. "My boy," said he, "it may seem hard, but I have a reason for keeping this thing out of print.

The light was strong where she sat, and he noticed a freckle on her cheek, and this slight blemish drew her closer to him. "But we must respect their thoughts," the mother replied. "We should not put ourselves out on account of their prejudices," Lyman was bold enough to remark. The girl smiled at him. "Perhaps not," Mrs. McElwin weakly agreed. "Perhaps not!" Eva repeated.

I've been out with him before." "But how will he ever find us here?" asked Jackson. "How did he ever find Lyman?" demanded the boy. "You hush your kickin' an' leave it all to Ned. Guess he knows enough to get us out of this sink of iniquity! That boy eats 'em alive!"

McElwin fluttered, but afraid of a scene, she smoothed herself down. "I was joking," she said. "We will go now," the daughter replied, "but I do wish you would stay. I'd like to go up there among those girls. I know they are having a good time. Help me up." She put out her hand and Lyman took hold of it, but she pulled back, laughing. "Help me up."

Oh, it ain't no laughin' matter, boys; there ain't no fun in gettin' up at four o'clock of a mornin' to be stuffed, I tell you. Well, I reckon I'm reasonably empty now." He leaned back and looked at his cargo, arrayed upon the table. "I'll hire a wagon and have these things taken over to the house," said Lyman.

The following afternoon when Lyman went to the office, having spent the earlier hours in the court house, to assure the Judge that he had no motions to make, and no case to be passed over to the next term he found Caruthers with his feet on the table. "Getting hot," said Caruthers. "Is it? I thought we had been playing freeze-out," Lyman replied, throwing his hat upon the table and sitting down.

To most of them the fact that Slade had fallen into the sheriff's hands was known; and I gathered from some aside conversation which reached my ears, that Frank's idle, spendthrift habits had hastened the present crisis in his father's affairs. He, too, was in debt to Judge Lyman on what account, it was not hard to infer.

"Huh," she retorted ungraciously, "Lyman Mertzheimer, you ain't the only M in Lancaster County!" "No," he replied arrogantly, "but I guess that poor Mart Landis don't count. He's always tending one of his mom's babies some nice beau he'd make! If he ever goes courting he'll have to take along one of the little Landis kids, I bet." Phil laughed, but Amanda flushed in anger.

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