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Their ideas as to keeping expenses for equipment at a minimum were in perfect harmony, for Lamb as well as Dr. Harpe regarded it as a purely commercial venture. The latter, however, was disposed to regard the purchase of an X-ray machine as a profitable investment because of the impression it would make upon their private patients. "Moses!" She chortled at the notion.

The narrative relates: There was more than half a league to traverse to gain the other bank of the river, and our people were no sooner arrived than they found there a party of Missouris, sent to M. de la Harpe by M. de Bienville, then commandant general at Louisiana, to deliver orders to the former.

Its defective plot and want of connexion have been well exposed by La Harpe. The execution of both pieces exhibits the utmost mannerism: the characters, which are anything but natural, become from their frigid prating about virtue in the most hypocritical style, and the tears which they are perpetually shedding, altogether intolerable.

She stopped then and Symes wondered at his own self-control as he faced her. "Augusta," he said quietly, "Dr. Harpe is not coming here again." He saw her face pale. "Why not?" Her vehemence startled him. "Because I have told her not to; she understands." "How dare you?" Her voice rose shrill and her eyes blazed into his. "She's my friend!" "No, she's not your friend or my friend."

Avenarius called on Scribe, and from him received an acknowledgment of the receipt of my earlier communication. Scribe also showed that he had some recollection of the subject itself; for he said that, so far as he could remember, there was a joueuse de harpe in the piece, who was ill-treated by her brother.

"Sure; we want all the advertisin' we can get out of this, don't we?" And soon the day came when the two partners stood across the street and read proudly: HARPE AND LAMB HOSPITAL In her new buggy with its flashing wheels Dr.

The few in Crowheart who heard the story laughed openly at the statement which Giovanni Pelezzo made when he returned to camp one day and declared that while seated in the doorway of the operating room of the hospital he had turned in time to see Dr. Harpe take five dollars and some small change from the pocket of his cousin Antonio Pelezzo, whom she had etherized for a minor operation.

They were, one in the Rue de Vaugirard, No. 25; the other in the Rue de la Harpe, No. 75." "Does your Eminence command that they both be instantly arrested?" "It will be too late; they will be gone." "But still, we can make sure that they are so." "Take ten men of my Guardsmen, and search the two houses thoroughly." "Instantly, monseigneur." And Rochefort went hastily out of the apartment.

"The library is closed; I don't know why, monsieur," said he. Tears were standing in Lucien's eyes; he expressed his thanks by one of those gestures that speak more eloquently than words, and unlock hearts at once when two men meet in youth. They went together along the Rue des Gres towards the Rue de la Harpe. "As that is so, I shall go to the Luxembourg for a walk," said Lucien.

"I'd take it kindly if you gents would stick yore guns on the mantel-piece," said Judge Dolan. Jack Harpe and Luke Tweezy looked at each other. "I ain't wearing a gun," said Luke Tweezy, crossing one skinny knee over the other. "But Mr. Harpe is," pointed out Judge Dolan.

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