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"An' have you noted any sign of a prisoner's havin' been tortured meanin' a half-burned tree, a pile of rocks near the fire, or sich other like thing?" Jacob shook his head; he could not bring himself to speak calmly of such a possibility.

"You gave him, meanin' Willum, nothing else, I suppose?" asked the captain, with a knowing look; "such, for instance, as a noo suit of clothes, because of his bein' so uncommon ragged that he looked as if he had bin captured in a clumsy sort of net that it would not have been difficult to break through and escape from naked; also a few shillin's, bein' your last, to pay his way down to Gravesend, where the ship was lyin', that you had, through interest with the owners, got him a berth aboard?"

Here's one of your mates, lads, who will vouch for me. Now, as I've been told, you are all of you in the same boat you are prisoners on board, cowed by those mongrel devils amidships. Do you understand what I say?" "If ye'd put it in Spanish, sir," said Carter respectfully, "an' talk kinder slow, they'd most ov 'em catch the meanin'. That's 'bout all the lingo we've heard lately."

With Rod seated astern, and the captain at the oars, it took but a few minutes to come close to the tug. A long line had already been made fast to the raft, and the small boat with two men on board was returning from fastening the warp. Captain Josh ceased rowing and waited. Then he caught up his rifle, and held it in readiness. "Hold on there!" he roared. "What's the meanin' of all this?"

Then there was a paper as she must fill out an' return by the next mail if she was meanin' to eat or sleep durin' the week.

After this I'm meanin' to make sure the bar's in place when I'm left alone, and Moses kept inside the house along with me." Elmer guessed that the said Moses must be the bull-dog. He also figured that, as a rule, the animal was kept indoors nights, which accounted for his not having interfered with the carrying off of the farmer's chickens. Mr.

It's me what's married your darter, bain't it?" "It be, Samuel; 'e-es I d' 'low it be," returned Mrs. Pitcher, with a deprecating glance at the yeoman who was now rolling up the rug. "We all on us thought as Abel was dead, ye see." "Meanin', I suppose, as if ye knowed he was alive I shouldn't ha' had her," retorted Sam explosively.

"'Scuse me," and Bill Bush now addressed himself immediately to Helmsley, "ef I may be so bold as to arsk you wheer ye comes from, meanin' no 'arm, an' what's yer purfession?" Helmsley looked up with a friendly smile. "I've no profession now," he answered at once. "But in my time before I got too old I did a good deal of office work." "Office work! In a 'ouse of business, ye means?

I come from ther' myself my name's Mix," the youth continued.. "Meanin' no disrespect to your dad," said the colonel, "Mr. Mix, Senior, ortn't to hev let you come out here you ain't strong enough you'll git fever 'n ager 'fore you've washed dirt half a day."

"They made up their minds that right there and then with the dead men lyin' all around 'em, they'd match coins to see which one would take the blame of havin' killed Piotto meanin' that the other one would get the girl if he could. "And Bard lost. So he had to take the credit of havin' killed old Piotto.

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