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"Captain, my neighbours have put it upo' me to speak for 'em to-day, for where folks think pretty much alike, one spokesman's as good as a score.

"Noo, my leddy," said Meg, looking up at the marchioness, "set ye yer bit fut upo' my table, an' we'll think the mair o't efter whan we tak' oor denner aff o' 't." Florimel thanked her, stepped lightly upon it, and sprang to the sand, where she was received with words of welcome from many, and shouts which rendered them inaudible from the rest.

I wad fain ken hoo the Maister wad hae managed wantin' onything to begin upo'. As it was, he aye hang what he did upo' something his Father had dune afore him." "Hoots!" returned Jean, who looked upon Janet as a lover of conundrums, "ye're aye warstlin' wi' run k-nots an' teuch moo'fu's."

Whan he opened the buik, I saw him slip something oot atween the leaves o' 't, and crunkle 't up in 's han', luikin his greediest. Syne he read the twenty-third and fourt psalms. I cudna help watchin' him, and whan we gaed down upo' oor k-nees, I luikit roon efter him, and saw him pit something intil's breek-pooch. Weel, it stack to me. What say ye to that, Robert Bruce?"

"An' wha sud that be?" rejoined her mistress. "Ow, wha but the laird himsel'?" answered Grizzie, "Wha's to come atween father an' son wi' licht upo' family-affairs? No even the mistress hersel' wad hae prezhunt upo' that?" "Keep your own place, Grizzie," said the old lady with dignity.

'And what said he to ye? 'He said was the deevil at my lug, that I did naething but caw my han's to bits upo' my shoothers. 'And what said ye to that? 'Weel dune, Shargar! What said he to that? 'He leuch, and speirt gin I wad list, and gae me a shillin'. 'Ye didna tak it, Shargar? asked Robert in some alarm. 'Ay did I. Catch me no taking a shillin'! 'But they'll haud ye till 't. 'Na, na.

"Ye're some ready wi' yer aith, Mirran, to what ye ken naething aboot! I say again, gien he's dene ony wrang to that bonnie cratur and it wudna tak ower muckle proof to convince me o' the same, he s' tak his stan', minister or no minister, upo the stele o' repentance!"

How much, not only of acres, but of his constitution, his temper, his conduct, character, and nature, he may inherit from some progenitor ten times removed! Nay, without that progenitor would he ever have been born, would a Squills ever have introduced him into the world, or a nurse ever have carried him upo kolpo!" Squills. "Hear, hear!"

I'm in no mood for Plato to-night, he answered, trying hard to keep from shivering. 'Ye hae an ill cauld upo' ye, persisted Robert; 'an' ye maun be as weet 's a dishcloot. Ericson laughed a strange, hollow laugh. 'Come along, he said. 'A walk will do me good. We'll get the string, and then you shall play to me. That will do me more good yet.

"Jist lay yer han' upo' the tiller, my leddy, an' luik oot at yon pint they ca' the Deid Heid yonner. Ye see, whan I turn the tiller this gait, her heid fa's aff frae the pint; an' whan I turn't this ither gait, her heid turns till 't again: haud her heid jist aboot a twa yairds like aff o' 't."

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