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"I heard that she had disappeared frae her place, an' that nae news o' her could be got. Is it true, mither?" "Ay, it's true, Rob," she replied. "But I hinna got ony richt waye o' it yet. Jenny's awa' owre to Rundell Hoose, an' we'll no' ken onything till she comes back. It's an awfu' business, an' will pit her faither an' mither a guid lot aboot. I wonder what'll hae ta'en her."

Others corroborated the dreadful news. "Yes! We saw him, plain as onything, with his lang black cloak to hide us in, and some of us thought we saw a sticken-plaister ready in his hand." We were in such a state of fear and trembling that the teacher saw he wasn't going to get rid of us without going himself as leader.

Babel was let loose, and Nestie was pelted with questions which came in a fine confusion from many voices, and to which he was hardly expected to give an immediate answer. "What like is the cane he keeps at home?" "Has Bulldog tawse in the house?" "Div ye catch it regular?" "Does he come after you to your bedroom?" "Have ye onything to eat?" "Is the garden door locked?"

The last sentence was spoken quickly and with attempted carelessness as he resumed his seat. "Hoo ken ye that?" asked Cupples. "There's no sic word i' the Scriptur'." "Do ye think He maun tell us a' thing?" "We hae nae richt to think onything that He doesna tell's." "I'm nae sae sure o' that, Thomas.

Ay, but as I was sayin', Marget's sae grand noo 'at she has a bell in the house. As I understan', there's a rope in the wast room, an' when ye pu' it a bell rings in the east room. Weel, when Marget has company at their tea in the wast room, an' they need mair watter or scones or onything, she rises an' rings the bell.

And whan I left him there, it was jist as gien I hield him oot i' my airms and said, "Hae, Lord; tak him: he's yer ain!" 'Ye're i' the richt, Kirsty, my bonny bairn! said David. 'Yer mither and me, we was never but pleased wi' onything 'at ever ye did. Isna that true, Mar'on, my ain wuman? 'True as his word! answered the mother, and rose, and went to her room.

And what's the use o' their haeing a policeman when they winna come to the lock-up after I lay hands on them?" "Do they say they won't come?" "Say? Catch them saying onything! They just gie me a wap into the gutters. If they would speak I wouldna complain, for I'm nat'rally the sociablest man in Thrums." "Rob, however, had spoken to you." "Because he had need o' me.

"A' wud gie onything tae say Annie hes a chance, but a' daurna; a' doot yir gaein' tae lose her, Tammas." MacLure was in the saddle, and as he gave his judgment, he laid his hand on Tammas's shoulder with one of the rare caresses that pass between men. "It's a sair business, but ye 'ill play the man and no vex Annie; she 'ill dae her best, a'll warrant."

And look at what she has done for this house. I kenna what we should do if she didna come in nows and nans." "You ken well, Aaron," they said, "that onything we could do in the way o' keeping your house in order we should do gladly." "Thank you," he replied ungraciously, "but I would rather have her."

"It's well kent " began Hendry, and would have recalled his words. Hendry Munn, "cried the precentor," if you hae minded onything that may help us, out wi't." "I was just minding," the kirk officer answered reluctantly, "that Nanny allows it's Mr. Dishart that has been keeping her frae the poorhouse. You canna censure him for that, Tammas." "Can I no?" retorted Whamond.

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