Webster to come this morning instead of this afternoon to look after Hugh, and then you and I can do the rest." But alack! Mrs. Webster's sister answered the 'phone she was very sorry, her sister was in bed with tonsillitis and she had just sent for the doctor it would be a week or two, anyway, before she could come back to look after the baby.

"Ah!" sighed Beltane, "would I might indeed, yet needs must I love her ever." "Alack, and is it so forsooth," quoth the nun, sighing likewise. "Ah me, my poor, fond son, now doth thy reverend mother pity thee indeed, for thou'rt in direful case to be her lover, methinks." Now did my Beltane frown the blacker by reason of bitter memory and the pain of his wound.

What be these matters of taxes and laws to ask a man to shed his blood for? Alack, the temper of the cross-bearer is dying out! I pray I may not see this Crusade end like half those I have beheld and the cross on the shoulder become no better than a mockery." "That may scarcely be with such leaders as the Prince and the King of France," said Richard.

Cicely is too long in the shank. Bess's shoulders are too broad. Alack! God help me! I will do what I can' and she waved her hands disconsolately. Cold, fatigue, and her maimed arm made Katharine waver on her feet. This white-haired woman's panic seemed to her grotesque and disgusting. 'Why, the magister lies, she said. 'I am no such friend of Privy Seal's.

Miles put a pretty little basket into each girl's hand. "A few new-laid eggs, dearies," she said, "and a comb of honey for each of you. You must ask Mrs. Haddo's leave afore you eats 'em, but I know she won't mind. And there's some very late roses, the last of the season, that I've put into the top of your basket, Miss Betty." Alack and alas, how good it all was!

She was more vividly interested in things and persons in her drawing, her books, her endless knitting and sewing for the wounded. She was puzzled that Bridget stayed so long in town, but alack! she could do very well without Bridget. Some portion of the savour of life, of that infinity of small pleasures which each day may bring for the simple and the pure in heart, was again hers.

He sent her to a smart boarding school, and no money was spared in order to give her pleasure. It was the dream of Farmer King, and Nancy's dearest ambition also, that she should be turned into a lady. But, alas and alack! Miss Nancy could not overcome the stout yeoman blood in her veins. She was no aristocrat, and nothing could make her one.

"Now we shall have him," cried Philip, as they both scrambled up the bank. But, alack and alas! Pepitia's foot got caught in her long train just as she got to the top of the bank, and down she fell, roly-poly, to the bottom.

A little while agone, they appointed each other to foregather together this very day; wherefore I would have thee come thither and lie in wait for him and chastise him well. When the lady heard this, it seemed to her no jesting matter, but, starting to her feet, she fell a-saying, 'Alack, common thief that thou art, is it thus that thou usest me?

I have but now very hardly stolen away from him, that I might come to exhort thee not to wax weary of waiting. 'Alack, madam, cried the scholar, 'I pray you for God's sake open to me, so I may abide within under cover, for that this little while past there is come on the thickest snow in the world and it yet snoweth, and I will wait for you as long as it shall please you. 'Woe's me, sweet my treasure, replied the lady, 'that cannot I; for this door maketh so great a noise, whenas it is opened, that it would lightly be heard of my brother, if I should open to thee; but I will go bid him begone, so I may after come back and open to thee. 'Then go quickly, rejoined he; 'and I prithee let make a good fire, so I may warm me as soon as I come in, for that I am grown so cold I can scarce feel myself. Quoth the lady, 'That should not be possible, an that be true which thou hast many a time written me, to wit, that thou burnest for the love of me.