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Methinks I see him yet, the hideous monster, scanning us with that great red eye, in the middle of his forehead, to single out the fattest. And then, again, only a few days ago, did we not fall into the hands of the king of the Laestrygons, and those other horrible giants, his subjects, who devoured a great many more of us than are now left?

So by water to the Exchequer, and there up and down through all the offices to strike my tallys for L17,500, which methinks is so great a testimony of the goodness of God to me, that I, from a mean clerke there, should come to strike tallys myself for that sum, and in the authority that I do now, is a very stupendous mercy to me. I shall have them struck to-morrow.

I pity them with all my heart; but I like not their ways. They are not the ways of truth, of uprightness, of equity. Methinks I had better hold aloof and have no dealings with them. They seem to think because I like them the men themselves and mislike these persecutions even as they do, that I am one with them and understand their ways and their deeds.

"God comfort her!" murmured the old lady, turning away. "For, ill as she should brook the loss of him, yet methinks, if I know her well, she might bear even that lighter than the witting that her name was made a name of scorn for ever." "Lady," said Ademar, quietly, "even God can only comfort them that lack comforting." She looked at him in silence.

"Why truly, dear my lady, but since I may not go forth myself, fain would I see my good comrades ride into the battle faith, methinks I might yet couch a lance but for fear of this thy noble lady, my lord Beltane aye me, this shall be a dismal day for me, methinks!"

His men rallied, beat off the Welsh, and brought his body in; and methinks his armour will fit you, though he was shorter, by two or three inches, than yourself." He accompanied Oswald to one of a small group of tents, standing a quarter of a mile farther down the road. "Is Sir William Baxter's squire here?" A young man at once came up. "I was his esquire, my lord."

"'That is likely enough, prince, I said; 'and methinks your lot would be preferable, as King of Navarre, to that of King of France. However, happily there is no reason for supposing that the king and his two brothers will die without heirs. "He did not speak for some time, but sat there thinking. You know the way he has.

But methinks we shall surely meet as many strange adventures as in our dreams; and if I ever sit at last on England's throne, this journey of thine and mine will be for years the favourite theme of minstrels to sing in bower and hall."

Methinks I hear the voice of the nightingale, for the trees make such darkness that he knows not night from day. 'Let us leave her, answered her mother, and signing to her ladies they all returned to the castle. For a moment Belisante lay still, feigning to sleep; then she raised herself on her arm and looked about her.

"Yes, it is true this is a place of wizards and evil things. Methinks I see the red eyes of the Esedowana glaring at us through the dark of the trees and smell their smell. Yet these wizards must be caught, for know this, my brother: if we return to Umgugundhlovu with the king's command undone, then there are stakes hardening in the fire of which we shall taste the point.