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Lois went to her cousin, grieved at heart for his depressed state of mind, anxious to soothe and comfort him, and yet recoiling more than ever from the idea of ultimately becoming his wife an idea to which she saw her aunt reconciling herself unconsciously day by day, as she perceived the English girl's power of soothing and comforting her cousin, even by the very tones of her sweet cooing voice.

It appears that the Valley is going to be a public park, after all, but for the present and while I live, it is my private park." "This is perfectly amazing, partner." "It's mighty comforting," his father admitted. "Guess the new owner must be one of my old friends perhaps somebody I did a favour for once and this is his way of repaying. Remember the old sugar-pine windfall we used to sit on?

A grey daylight, peering in through the window of the office, scarcely lit the remote corners of the room. Brand had breakfasted by lamplight. The saloon-keeper was more than thankful for the comforting warmth of the great wood stove they were standing over. "Guess it looks like bein' our last real cold snap," Alroy said, by way of making talk with a man who was always difficult.

Through the sweet evening twilight, she walked home from Paimpol, all along the cliff road inhaling the fresh, comforting sea air. Constant sitting at needlework had not deformed her like many others, who are always bent in two over their work and she drew up her beautiful supple form perfectly erect in looking over the sea, fairly across to where Yann was it seemed.

Thousands were immured in prisons, where many hundreds perished, and with those who suffered a violent death received the crown of martyrdom. Even now they that will live godly in Christ Jesus, must submit to taunts, jeers, and reproaches. May we forget not the Saviour's comforting declaration, 'Blessed are you when persecuted, reviled, and spoken against falsely for my sake. Ed.

He had an uncomfortable yet comforting impression that latterly she had developed an odd, calm wisdom, just as she had developed a calm, generous personality. The last time he had seen her, his quick sensitiveness had noted the growth from girl to woman. She was large, full-bosomed, wide-browed, clear-eyed. She had not worried him about other girls.

There is not one believer amongst us who sees any objection to it, and several have expressed that it seems to be of the Lord, and that thus we could help, as churches, in the going forth of missionaries. This is very comforting to me, as the Lord confirms me still more, through this unanimity, in its being His will that I should go. February 25.

Besides, as the aneurism progresses there will come a steady, boring pain and increased shortness of breath, which will themselves help to keep him quiet." "But can't I give him some medicine?" "The best medicine that he can possibly have will be your happy, comforting smile and tender love, my child."

And surrounded by those utterers of Brahma, the king shone resplendent in their midst. And those foremost of Brahmanas, with swan-sweet voices spent the night, comforting that best of Kurus the king."

Before that cheerful red light how swiftly the trooping spectres and grim phantoms that had peopled the gloom fled away for ever! What a blessed, comforting atmosphere of love and protection seemed to encompass her, when, after handing one of the pew cushions to the sexton, Mr. Lindsay came to the spot where she lay. "How are your wounds?"

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