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Or did the lad cling to his kindred, and was it wrath and resentment at hearing them so bitterly reviled which made his color vary from red to pale and roused such a tumult in his soul that he was scarcely capable of speech? No matter!

How would it be with you if the boys looked at you as though they thought ill of you?" "They would not; oh, they would not!" "Or the servants, if they reviled you?" "Could it come to that?" "It must not come to that. But it is as the Doctor said himself just now; a man cannot isolate the morals, the manners, the ways of his life from the morals of others.

Oh, my husband, make of these eight criminals eight happy, thankful subjects; teach them to love that king whom they have reviled teach their children, their wives and mothers to pray for you, whilst you restore life and freedom to these fathers, these sons and husbands, and while you, great and merciful, like Deity, pardon them." "So shall it be!" cried the king, cheerfully.

I had a cruel pleasure in depreciating myself, and almost hated the face which looked into mine half angrily from the glass. Its large gray eyes, with their thick lashes, seemed heavy with unshed tears. There was a frown on the forehead, rendering it dark and turbulent. The mouth harmonized with this stormy look, and trembled into half sarcastic smiles, as if each feature reviled the other.

The first step of the Egyptian student should be to eradicate from his mind all recollection of ancient authors. When he has arrived at his own results, he may open Herodotus with interest, read Diodorus with suspicion; but, above all, he will then learn to estimate the value of the hitherto reviled Manetho, undoubtedly the fragments of the work of a genuine Egyptian writer.

The history of civilisation is the history of successions of brave "Heretics" and "Infidels," who have denied false dogmas or brought new truths to light. The righteous men, the "True Believers" of the day, have cursed these heroes and reviled them, have tortured, scourged, or murdered them.

"Of course, it's perhaps an excellent means of livelihood, but rather a parasitic means, don't you think?" "When Christ came among men He was reviled and despised," Mr. Thompson declared impressively. "Do you consider yourself the prototype of Christ?" the girl inquired mockingly.

Out of a cobwebbed bottle, containing liquor that a royal Governor might have smacked his lips over, they quaffed healths to the King, and babbled treason to the Republic, feeling as if the protecting shadow of the throne were still flung around them. But, draining the last drops of their liquor, they stole timorously homeward, and answered not again if the rude mob reviled them in the street.

They reviled their leaders and loaded them with insult: ah! famous leaders, they; brainless boobies, undoing at night what they had done in the morning, idling and loafing when there was no enemy in sight, and taking to their heels as soon as he showed his face!

But when, leaving literature and coming down into the fastnesses of life, they gave us hatred for love, and scorn for reverence, when they sneered at that which we held sacred, and reviled that which we counted honorable, when, green-eyed and gloating, they saw through their glasses not only darkly, but disjointed and askance, when devotion became to them fanaticism, and love of liberty was lust of power, did virtue go out of them, or had it never been in?

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