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But indeed this good knight was a very quiet and patient man, for he saw that the Sieur de Crespigny was still young and spoke from an empty head, so he sat his horse and quaffed his wine, even as you are doing now, all heedless of the clacking tongue." "And what then, Michel?"

Whereto Ser Ciappelletto, heaving a heavy sigh, answered that he had so offended for, being wont to fast not only in Lent like other devout persons, but at least thrice days in every week, taking nothing but bread and water, he had quaffed the water with as good a gusto and as much enjoyment, more particularly when fatigued by devotion or pilgrimage, as great drinkers quaff their wine; and oftentimes he had felt a craving for such dainty dishes of herbs as ladies make when they go into the country, and now and again he had relished his food more than seemed to him meet in one who fasted, as he did, for devotion.

Heaven knows how I got through the evening. I do not think I opened my mouth to address him a word; it was as much as I could do to sit and look at him, while he tranquilly smoked, and chatted with our host, and quaffed the beer which we had very good in the Nest. All the while I did him homage as the first author by calling whom I had met.

But Thor was not to be taken aback in this way; for he at once ate two of the oxen, and quaffed a huge bowl of ale which the giant had set aside for himself. The giant saw that he was outdone, and he arose from the table, saying, "Not all my cows would serve to feed two guests so hungry as these. We shall be obliged to live on fish now."

"Long was my night for sleepless misery; * Weary of body and of thought ne'er free: I rose and in my palace walked awhile, * Then wandered thro' the halls of Haremry: Till chanced I on a blackness, which I found * A white girl hid in hair for napery: Here to her for a moon of brightest sheen! * Like willow-wand and veiled in pudency: I quaffed a cup to her; then drew I near, * And kissed the beauty-spot on cheek had she: She woke astart, and in her sleep's amaze, * Swayed as the swaying branch in rain we see; Then rose and said to me, 'O Trusted One * Of Allah, O Amin, what may this be?

It was kept in a recess, whence it was never taken except on Christmas and Easter days, or, according to Train's account, at Christmas alone. Then, we are told, it was "filled with wine, and quaffed off at a breath by the head of the house only, as a libation to the spirit for her protection." Here is no mention of the theft of the goblet unless from St.

'It looked at first as if we should have such a nice quiet dinner. 'I enjoyed it all the same, replied his companion, whose name was Rose. 'That abominable habit of drinking! added Mr. Whiston austerely. He himself had quaffed water, as always. 'Their ale, indeed! See the coarse, gross creatures it produces! He shuddered. Rose, however, seemed less consentient than usual.

"By thy kindness," said my brother, motioning with his hand as though he were drinking. "Health and joy to thee," exclaimed the house master and feigned to fill a cup and drink it off; then he handed another to my brother who quaffed it and made as if he were drunken.

At one breath, he quaffed off the contents of a whole vessel, and in this manner drained off eight successive jars, till he was full. At length, the serpents prepared an excellent bed for him, on which he lay down at ease."

It was now that the ludicrous came prominently into play. Though not much water had been found in the waggons, there was enough fluid of stronger spirit. A barrel of Monongahela whisky was part of the caravan stores left undestroyed. Knowing the white man's firewater but too well, the Indians tapped the cask, and quaffed of its contents. In a short time two-thirds of the band became intoxicated.

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