"What was the name of of " "The convict? He called himself Chapman, but the son's name was Losely Jasper." "Ah!" faltered Darrell, recoiling. "And you spoke of a little girl?" "Jasper Losely's daughter; he came after her with a magistrate's warrant. The old miscreant had carried her off, to teach her his own swindling ways, I suppose." "Luckily she was then in my charge.

But he led her away to her own room, docile as a wearied child led to sleep, stayed with her some time, and then returned to me, pressing me to his breast father-like. "No hope! no hope!" said I, recoiling from his embrace. "You are silent. Speak! speak! Let me know the worst."

It all passed in a second of time; at the next breath he summoned every generous power in his body, sprang with the leap of a wild creature, and confronted the recoiling man. Ere his foot touched the quay, the second form had glided from the darkness, and seized her husband's arm. "A thousand pardons, Sir," said Mr. Raleigh, then. "I thought you were in danger. Mrs. Laudersdale, good-night!"

When you left your brother you were racked with no unrighteous rage, to the extent even that you snatched up a small hammer, half inclined to kill him with his foulness on his mouth. Recoiling, you thrust it under your buttoned coat instead, and rushed into the church.

But this ungoverned impulse lasted but for the moment in which his passionate joy, recoiling upon himself, struck him a blinding, a bewildering blow. In ten seconds he had recovered. His arms tightened more securely around her. She had come to him. Whatever complex emotions might now be stirring within her, this fact was beyond question. Also, she had come of her own free will.

The launch was on his port side; and the result was a violent collision between the two boats, the pinnace striking the launch with such force as to send the latter clear of the schooner whilst the pinnace herself, recoiling from the shock, stopped dead immediately under the schooner's stern.

It is not without a feeling of satisfaction, that we find this detestable invention recoiling upon the heads of its authors.

Affairs were mismanaged. The army had scarcely sufficient meat and bread to live on. The croakers, clad in black coats, and with snowy shirt bosoms, began to mutter under their breath, "It is useless to struggle longer!" and, recoiling in disgust from the hard fare of "war times," began to hunger for the flesh-pots of Egypt.

But when I am with you I'm less of a woman and more of a girl a girl not yet accustomed to some things always guarded, always a little reticent, always instinctively recoiling from the contact I really like, always a little on the defensive against your lips, in spite of myself against your arms where, somehow, I cannot seem to stay long at a time will not endure it cannot, somehow.

At the same time they puffed out a vast cloud of tobacco-smoke, which rose to the ceiling of the room and collected there. 'Do you mean me? cried Yellow-cap, recoiling. 'I never made a rhyme in my life. 'You have said it! they answered with one voice; 'so let it be!