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Yer mither seems to be unco weel pleased wi' her; I'm sure I would like weel to see ye gang thegither, and I dinna think our Jock would say onything against sic a marriage."

"Do not be daunted, young demoiselle," said the captain, with an air almost respectful; "it is necessary thou and Sir John should follow us, but we will treat you well, and consult later on the ransom ye will pay us. Jock, discharge the young sumpter mule; put its load on the black one.

Cecil looked grave and gloomy, but Jock rattled away so merrily that Sydney began to wonder whether all this were a dream, or whether he were still unaware of the impending misfortune. But Jock only waited for the friendly cover of a grand piece of instrumental music to ask Mrs.

At the same time nobody broke into whispered German, or made any comment that could conceivably be taken for a pass-word. I thought I would try giving them one myself. "Are there many sheep in this island?" I asked. Jock emitted another blast of genial laughter and Mr. Scollay as cautiously as ever replied, "A good few."

"We'll have to get twigs and dry pine-needles and broken branches," said Jock, "and bring them up the secret stair, though it'll be hard work getting them through the narrow places. We ought to have a rope. We could pull a basketful up over the edge of the rock as easy as nothing." "We'll bring a rope next time," said Alan. "Hurry! I'm starving!"

He comes, i' the house 'ere and says, 'Becky, gie us a taste o' the red-top-and where's Jock? He was always thinkin' a deal o' my son Jock. 'Jock be gone, I says, 'and I knows nowt o' his comin' back' meanin', I was, that day. 'Good for Jock! says he, 'and I'm goin' too, Becky, and I knows nowt o' my comin' back. 'Where be goin', Maister Robert? I says.

"Who was that young lady?" Mr. Derwentwater said. "I did not catch the name." "What young lady?" To suppose for a moment that Jock did not know who was meant would be ridiculous, of course; but, for some reason which he did not explain even to himself, this was the reply he made. "My dear Jock, there was but one," said MTutor, with much friendliness.

On his way to the last door at the right Jock glanced into each tiny office, glimpsing busy men bent absorbedly over papers, girls busy with dictation, here and there a door revealing two men, or three, deep in discussion of a problem, heads close together, voices low, faces earnest.

Only the dog Jock lying curled up in the very middle of the bed a thing he's never been known to do before, sir." "Mrs. Rose has not been here," said Herrick. "But just wait a moment. I will ask my wife if she expected Mrs. Rose." He went out of the room, and found Eva coming down the short flight of stairs from the upper floor. "What's the matter, Jim? Who is the man in there?"

There will be a fair field and a free fight, and the best man will win; and, Jock, I will not be sorry when the sun sets. What ails you, Jock, for your face is downcast? That didna used to be the way with you in the low country on the prospect of battle. Div ye mind Seneffe and the gap in the wall?"