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The bowl, already sufficient for a Titan's smoke, grew a trifle larger and somewhat irregular. Carving had conceivably injured Mr. Poynter's hearing, for he kept on whistling. "Philip!" said Diane and stamped her foot. "Yes?" replied Philip respectfully, and instantly discarded the Titan's pipe to listen. "Why are you so quiet?" flashed Diane.

It would certainly be rash to put any limit to human gullibility, or to deny that Sir William Saumarez, in the given situation, might conceivably be hoodwinked.

The heavens above them, trailing up and up into mysterious darknesses, suddenly became closer and sparkled with a diamond sheen. Stretching off and up out of sight was a mountainous column that might conceivably be a wrist. "Matt's looking at us through a magnifying glass," concluded Denny. Abruptly the ridged bad-lands about them began to vibrate. Thunder crashed and roared around their ears.

Science and commerce might conceivably resume that lost imperial function.

An essential portion of the man's braces, visible sometimes when he played at tennis, consisted of chain, and the upper and nether halves of his cuff-links were connected by chains. Occasionally he was to be seen chained to a dog. A reversion, conceivably, to a mediaeval type! Yes, but also the exemplar of the excessively modern!

It was at a crisis in my own affairs, and his arrival might conceivably bring trouble, and even disgrace, upon some whom I was especially bound to shield from anything of the kind. I took steps to insure that any evil which might come should fall on me only, and that" here he turned and looked at the prisoner "was the cause of conduct upon my part which has been too harshly judged.

"Well, come, Carolyn," said Medora, to her returned secretary, who was looking after the party too; "let's start for home. Good afternoon, Basil." "What nice, good, pleasant, friendly people they are!" breathed Carolyn. Randolph had strolled away, and Medora Phillips turned a studious glance on her companion. Carolyn was conceivably in a state of mind keyed up to an all-inclusive appreciation.

He had no idea what had taken Varney up the road to Stanhope's that afternoon, much less of any shock that could conceivably have come to him. But he set himself to find out. By the next morning, partly through inquiry, partly through patching two and two together, he had worked out a theory.

I have not the smallest desire to make excuses for such foolishness as I displayed, at this or any other period. But I think it just to remind myself that there are worse things than foolishness, and that my relations with Fanny might conceivably have formed a darker page for me to look back upon than they actually did form.

Now that this familiar source of interest was removed, she felt a little low and inclined to see more in Susan than she used to. She had decided to give her a very handsome wedding present, a cheque for two hundred, two hundred and fifty, or possibly, conceivably it depended upon the under-gardener and Huths' bill for doing up the drawing-room three hundred pounds sterling.

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