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He surprised me by announcing the marriage of the Comtesse de Kergarouet, a Demoiselle de Fontaine." "The daughter of 'Grand-Jacques," cried the chevalier, who had lived with the admiral during his stay in Paris. "The countess is his heir; she has married an old ambassador. My visitor told me the strangest things about our neighbor, Mademoiselle des Touches, so strange that I can't believe them.

"It took her yesterday," said Julie, while the vehicle rumbled heavily through the streets, "but you see it had to happen. Our poor demoiselle had been changing for weeks past. She was so trustful, so gentle, so just; she scolded, she ferreted about, she suspected there, then, her head was all astray.

Suddenly it became absolutely clear to her that the whole scene had been arranged and planned: the booth with its flaring placard, Demoiselle Candeille soliciting her patronage, her invitation to the young actress, Chauvelin's sudden appearance, all, all had been concocted and arranged, not here, not in England at all, but out there in Paris, in some dark gathering of blood-thirsty ruffians, who had invented a final trap for the destruction of the bold adventurer, who went by the name of the Scarlet Pimpernel.

"When did you see them, ma chere demoiselle?" enquired Stephens. You know turkeys do not settle down like immigrants on one spot, and wait till we inhabitants of the plains come out and shoot them. Was it last week, or only the day before yesterday?" There was a very merry twinkle in his eye as he went on with this banter. Annette affected to pout, but she answered.

Her father was the son of the pious Baron de Ribaumont, the patron of your husband, and of myself in earlier days. 'Ah! exclaimed Noemi, startled. 'Then the poor young mother is she can she be the lost Demoiselle de Nid de Merle? 'Is the thing known here? The will of Heaven be done; but she can send to her husband's kindred in England.

In it he acknowledges himself to be the father of the "noble demoiselle Hieronyma," and she is described as the sister of the "noble youth Petrus Lodovicus de Borgia, and of the infant Johannes de Borgia." As these two, plainly mentioned as the eldest sons, were natural children, it would have been improper to name their mother. Cæsar also was passed by, as he was a child of only six years.

They both styled themselves "Madame," but only the younger of the old ladies had been married. Madame Valière was still a demoiselle, but as she drew towards sixty it had seemed more convenable to possess a mature label. Practically it was two old maids or two lone widows whose boots turned pointed toes towards each other in the dark cranny of the rambling, fusty corridor of the sky-floor.

He told one of his women to lead the way, and I followed. We toiled up many flights of wearisome steps until we arrived at the above-mentioned ateliers. These communicated with another apartment, of which Worth's woman had the key. We passed through this room and came out to a staircase, where the demoiselle said, "You have only to go down here."

"I like this better," he said, quite simply, "but then at most balls one does not meet a dainty marquise out of the eighteenth century. Let me see, was there not a story of the great Dumas about a demoiselle d'honneur of Marie Antoinette I don't remember her name or her history, but she became the Comtesse de Charny. Now I shall think of you by that name the Comtesse de Charny.

Leaving my men to arrange a litter with poles and cross-bars to carry the tiger home, I followed the course of Bisgaum upon Demoiselle, expecting every minute to see the body of his mahout stretched upon the ground.