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It is an unalterable law of nature that passion must succumb before habit, but it may be succeeded by a calm content, a happy trustful confidence, that wears better, and is perhaps in the long run more satisfactory. Twelve years elapsed, and during that time Virginia enjoyed unbroken health. Then, one winter, she caught a severe cold, which settled on her lungs; her life was despaired of.

Twice, three times, I paced slowly across the floor in anxious reflection; each time, as I turned, I gazed again into her trustful, appealing eyes. It was love calling to me in silent language far more effective than speech; at last, I paused and faced her.

"Says Ishmael to me, 'Bebee, says he, 'my romi is false and would run away with the golden rye this very night as ever was. And says I to him, 'It's not so, son of my son, for your romi is as true as the stars and purer than gold. But says he, 'There's a letter, he says, and shows it to me. 'Lies, son of my son, says I, and calls on him to play the trustful rom.

Sophie, so strong and trustful was her happiness, never suspected that any thing more than the fretting of his sickness was responsible for this, and, indeed, thought little about it at all; for, after all, what was it compared to the full tide which swept them both along in such an overmastering harmony?

Gaston, recalling to mind the actual mien of Charles as be passed to and fro across the chimeric scene, timid, and therefore constitutionally trustful towards older persons, filially kissing the hand of the grim Coligni- -Mon pere!

That I failed in business because I was unbusiness-like and credulous in not being prepared for the interested designs of my partner. That I failed in love, because I was ridiculously trustful in thinking it impossible that Christiana could deceive me. That I failed in my expectations from my uncle Chill, on account of not being as sharp as he could have wished in worldly matters.

"Who are the owners of the Walrus, Charlie?" he asked, as they turned into the lane that led from the beach to the village. "Withers and Company of London." "H'm don't know them. They must be trustful fellows, however, to take a captain into their employ who has just lost his vessel." "They have not taken him into their employ," said Charlie.

It was not much past six; and for healthy people who have slept enough that is an hour of expansion and of open and trustful talk. "Connaissez-vous le Seigneur?" he said at length. I asked him what Seigneur he meant; but he only repeated the question with more emphasis and a look in his eyes denoting hope and interest. "Ah," said I, pointing upwards, "I understand you now.

I think they were the brightest eyes I ever saw as keen and intelligent as a wicked old woman's, withal as trustful and cheery as the eyes of a setter pup. "HOO-ray!" Thus the Honorable Mr. Beasley, waving a handkerchief thrice around his head and thrice cheering. And the child, in that cricket's voice of his, replied: "Br-r-ra-vo!" This was the form of salutation familiarly in use between them.

Gaston, deeply as his feelings were stirred with anxious care for his brother's fate, could not help his heart going out to this exquisite young thing standing before him with trustful upturned face. Who she was he knew not and cared not. She was the one woman in the world for him.