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"Hah! how strong I feel," he said, "a white bear would be but a baby in my hands!" Going through a similar stretch-yawny process, his brother Norrak said that he felt as if he had strength to turn a walrus inside out. "Come, boys, turn yourselves out o' the house, and help to cut up the meat. It is not wise to boast in the morning," said Okiok.

But Meetuck was as good-humoured an Esquimau as ever speared a walrus or lanced a Polar bear. He joined in the laugh, and cut a caper or two to show that he entered into the spirit of the joke.

The one to the east of the main fountain represents The Atlantic Ocean as a woman with sea-horses in one hand and coral like hair, on the back of a conventionalized dolphin. At the north The North Sea is represented by a sort of sea-man, with occasional fins and with a three-pronged spear in hand, riding on a walrus. At the west The Pacific Ocean is typified by a woman on a remarkable sea monster.

I have it," and, drawing out the great sword Silence, he took the point of his knife and began to turn a little silver screw in the hilt, one of many with which the handle of walrus ivory was fastened to its steel core.

Of all these animals they can only procure in the winter the walrus and small seal upon this part of the coast; and these at times, as we have seen, in scarcely sufficient quantity for their subsistence. They certainly in general prefer eating their meat cooked, and while they have fuel they usually boil it; but this is a luxury and not a necessary to them.

The Scandinavian relics of the eleventh and twelfth centuries, with which our museums are so profusely enriched, are for the most part formed of the teeth of the walrus. The elegant spiral horn of the narwhal or sea-unicorn also produces ivory of a superior quality.

"Bears," said his father, "polar bears and walrus and seals and " "Oh, tell me about them," said Tommy, eagerly.

"Run quietly, boy! On your toes like me. You run like a walrus." "Tidn't me," gasped Blob. "It's ma legs. They keep on a-creakin." Swiftly they fled across the grass. Was there anybody at the lugger? were they free? The boy was sick with hope. Behind him he could hear far yells and the occasional clash of steel. Kit guessed what had happened.

Maisanguaq's harpoon went wild. He jealously watched Ootah and struck without skill, carried away by chagrin and rage. Eré made valiant attacks for he, too, thought of Annadoah, but the walrus invariably went skimming from under his blows. Papik's harpoon glanced the backs of half a dozen. Finally it landed. He shouted with glee.

Even the whales of the deep sea, the walrus of the arctic regions, the condors of the Andes and alligators of the Everglade morasses are no exception to the universal rule. In Mr. Downham's book there is much fallacious reasoning, and many conclusions that are not borne out by the facts.