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"A strip of azure sky surmounts, and of land divides, the words of the title-page, leaving on each side scant and baleful trees, little else than stem and spray. Drawn on a tiny scale lies a corpse, and one bends over it. Flames burst forth below and slant upward across the page, gorgeous with every hue. In their very core, two spirits rush together and embrace."

But and this is where the emphasis lay in the matter of luxury for his only son, Peter, Pupkin senior was a Maritime Province man right to the core, with all the hardihood of the United Empire Loyalists ingrained in him. No luxury for that boy! No, sir!

The past tense is used, for now he is Commissioner of Insurance alone. Statistics and history are no longer proper nouns in the government records. In the year 188 , the governor appointed Luke Coonrod Standifer to be the head of this department. Standifer was then fifty-five years of age, and a Texan to the core. His father had been one of the state's earliest settlers and pioneers.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be sending the Congress a complete series of these special messages on budget reform, welfare reform, competitiveness, including education, trade, worker training and assistance, agriculture, and other subjects. The Congress can give us these tools, but to make these tools work, it really comes down to just being our best. And that is the core of American greatness.

The wind was high enough to romp ruthlessly with spark and blaze, until even the effort at fire-fighting had been abandoned. Happily the bluster had settled to a constant gale out of the south-west and the fire-tide rolled with it to the edge and not the core of the town and when it lapped at the reeking woods it hissed out in defeat.

These antiparticles are what we would call the pure state of the atom. You might say they are the inner core of the atom. You might even say that they are the very soul of the atom, since they furnish the power that maintains the motion of the atom. In any event, this is the medium we work with.

The conductor consisted of seven wires of pure copper, weighing three hundred pounds to the mile. This copper core was covered with Chatterton's compound, which served as water-proofing. This was surrounded by four layers of gutta-percha, cemented together by the compound, and about this hemp was wound.

But it is written that every happiness has its sting; and my joy, intense though it was, had in it a core of remorse.... I went downstairs to my mother, who was sitting in the hall by the open door. "Father says I may go!" I said. She got up and took me in her arms. "My dear, I am so glad, although we shall miss you dreadfully.... Hugh?" "Yes, mother." "Oh, Hugh, I so want you to be a good man!"

"A young woman with shining eyes, blown-back hair and face on fire, holding out her heart from the threshold, stretching it out at arms' length, crying, 'Who will take this? To whom may I give it? A vision here of Heaven's core of light. I have seen it. I, Senhouse, have seen the Holy Grail. "She stood with me upon the threshold of the world, just so, with blown- back hair and shining eyes.

Melcombe. "Mr. Mortimer, when he was here, proposed to look over and sort all the letters for me, but I declined his offer." "I shall keep the key for my dear boy," she continued, "and give it to him when he comes of age." "And in this gallery outside," she proceeded, "the dear grandmother used to walk every day." Brandon perceived that he had got to the core and heart of the place at last.