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"What ails thee?" asked the Knight, regarding him with a quick, keen glance. "Quecheco hurt his foot," answered the Indian, with a limp, and bending down to hide his face from the sharp eyes. "Poor fellow, then, remain behind, and we will hunt for thee, who hast done so often for us." "Quah!" exclaimed the Indian, with a gesture of disdain, "It is nothing.

"Lina, what is the matter? Are you ill? Tell me, Lina, what ails you?" He took her hands in his, with a manner in which the impetuosity of a youthful lover, and the kind, protecting air of a brother, were strangely mingled. "Answer me, Lina, my own Lina."

Now, one day, as Raffaelle was standing and looking thus at his favorite window in the potter's house, his friend, the handsome, black-browed Luca, who was also standing there, did sigh so deeply and so deplorably that the child was startled from his dreams. "Good Luca, what ails you?" he murmured, winding his arms about the young man's knees. "Oh, 'Faello!" mourned the apprentice, woefully.

He could not bear that any eyes should see the paper, or any hand touch it, but his own; but he wished all to know that at the death-hour God had comforted her. "She suffered a great deal, David." "What ailed her, minister?" "What ails the lamp, David, when it goes out? There is no oil, that is all. Nanna used up all her strength in weeping and feeling; the oil of life wastes quickly in that way."

I will assist you. What ails you?" asked Jagienka in astonishment. But he did not reply, but tears rolled down his cheeks, and he groaned: "A! a! a!..." "For the love of God Can you not say something?" "A! a!" Then he lifted up his hand, with which he made first the sign of the cross, then passed his left hand over his mouth.

The Bodhisatta was at one time born in the region of Himavanta as a white crane; now Brahmadatta was at that time reigning in Benares. Now it chanced that as a lion was eating meat a bone stuck in his throat. The throat became swollen, he could not take food, his suffering was terrible. The crane seeing him, as he was perched an a tree looking for food, asked, "What ails thee, friend?"

I was anxious to see my grandfather, and to confront Grafton Carvel with his villany. And there was John Paul. What would he think? "What ails you, Richard?" Comyn demanded somewhat testily. "Nothing, Jack," I replied. "I thank you from my heart, and you, Mr. Fox. I know that commissions are not to be had for the asking, and I rejoice with the captain over his good fortune.

Now why should she throw the 'ooks into a fine, upstanding chap like 'im, even if he is an American? She made a rotten bad job the first time, mind you. If she has threw the 'ooks into 'im, as I am afeared, I can't see wot the deuce ails 'er." My perfect footman, Blatchford, ventured an opinion, and I blessed him for it. "We may be off our nuts on the 'ole bloomink business," said he.

She responded, laughing, with something of her former tone of voice. "Great goose! what ails you? I knew it from the very first day!" Saval began to tremble. He stammered out: "You knew it? Then..." He stopped. She asked: "Then?" He answered: "Then what did you think? What what what would you have answered?" She broke into a peal of laughter.

However, her presence at the table did not prevent her from waiting on the others. She made frequent trips to the other side of the big kitchen to replenish any of the depleted dishes. That evening Amanda and Philip were restless. "What ails you two?" demanded Millie.

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