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She therefore repeated her reasons for going home; and, at the same time expressed a hope, "if naething extrordinar cam i' the way, that she would see John and Nelly, and Jenny too, at Gairyburn, some nicht neist week, to spend the e'enin wi' her" after which, the little company broke up.

That means switching the car, coupling it to a train. I'm a gude sleeper, but I'll defy any man tae sleep while his car is being hitched to a train, or whiles it's being shunted around in a railroad yard. And then, as like as not, ye'll come tae the next place in the middle of the nicht, or early in the morning, whiles you're taking your beauty sleep.

The old woman took no notice of us as we entered; but one of the girls looked up, and, with a pleased gesture of recognition, put her finger up to her lips, and whispered, "Ellen's asleep." "I'm not asleep, dears," answered a faint, unearthly voice; "I was only praying. Is that Mr. Mackaye?" "Ay, my lassies; but ha' ye gotten na fire the nicht?"

Then rising suddenly "Guid nicht to ye, my lord," he said, with indignation, and rudely forced his way from the crowded house. Malcolm followed in his wake, but said nothing till they were in the street.

And pushing the collie from him, he sat up in bed and looked anxiously but vainly round the chamber for the Man of Peace. "Lie doun, lie doun," cried the gudewife from beside him. "Ye're surely out o' your wuts, Brockburn. Would ye gang stravaging about the country again the nicht?" "Where is he?" cried the Laird. "There's not a soul here but your lawful wife and your ain dear doggie.

"Wer lässt hier Aufruhrstimmen, Kriegsruf ertönen, wollt Ihr die Götter zwingen, Eurem Wahnwitz zu fröhnen? Wer wagt vermessen, gleich der Prophetin der Zukunft Nacht zu lichten, wollt Ihr der Götter Plan vorschnell vernichten? Nicht Menschenkraft Können die Wirren dieses Landes schlichten." Twelve endings on n!

Candles glimmered for a moment on the murk, and sweetly and clearly the tenement bairns called down: "A gude nicht to ye, Bobby." They could not see the little dog, but they knew he was there. They knew now that he would still be there when they could see him no more his body a part of the soil, his memory a part of all that was held dear and imperishable in that old garden of souls.

"Oh," said Jess, with a quick gipsy look out of her fine dark eyes, "brawly I kenned on Saturday nicht that yon wasna the first time ye had kissed a lass!" "Jess," said Ebie, "ye're a wunnerfu' woman!" which was his version of Ralph's "You are a witch." In Ebie's circle "witch" was too real a word to be lightly used, so he said "wunnerfu' woman."

"Eine Welt zwar bist du o Rom; doch ohne die Liebe, Wäre die Welt nicht die Welt, wäre denn Rom auch nicht Rom." These two verses are from Goëthe, the German poet, the philosopher, the man of letters, whose originality and imagination are most remarkable.

"Losh keep's a', Leeby; ye say that? They maun hae haen a quarrel." "I'm thinkin' we'll hae Mr. Skinner i' the poopit the morn after a'." "It may be, it may be. Ay, ay, look, Leeby, whatna bit kimmer's that wi' the twa jugs in her hand?" "Eh? Ou, it'll be Lawyer Ogilvy's servant lassieky gaen to the farm o' T'nowhead for the milk. She gangs ilka Saturday nicht. But what did ye say twa jugs?

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