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It was well that they did so; for now the whole green island of Ufnau is his alone, and it is his worthy sepulcher. For many of the details of the life of Hutten, and for most of the quotations from Hutten's writings given in this paper, the writer is indebted to the excellent memoir by David Friedrich Strauss, entitled "Ulrich von Hutten." "Sehet ihr nicht dasz die Luft der Freiheit weht?"

"It must be finished to-day; I have promised it," he said, sitting down on his old easy-chair. He then commenced working assiduously, and sang in a powerful voice: "Nun mit Gott! Es ist beschlossen! Auf, Ihr wackern Streitgenossen, Endlich kommt der Ehrentag! Besser flugs und f rohlich sterben, Als so langsam bin verderben, Und versiechen in der Schmach."

For instance, he asked us once during an argument about translations of Shakespeare to compare the lines: "You are my true and honorable wife, As dear to me as are the ruddy drops That visit my sad heart." with the German: "Ihr seid mein echtes, ehrenwertes Weib, So teuer mir, als wie die Purpurtropfen Die um mein trauernd Herz sich drangen."

The revolution hurled itself with a long cry upon the barricades of thundering lead. In the single lighted window of the government buildings a face still spoke ... "Ich bin Egelhofer, ihr Krieg's minister ... Ich komm...." Waving a rifle over his head, the war minister rushed from the building. A marine from Kiel. A new pack loosened itself from the shadows. A war minister was leading.

Probably this transaction brought Rudman into closer contact with J. Falckner, who also had attended the Swedish church in Philadelphia. The result was that Falckner was ordained and placed in charge of the congregations in New York and Albany. While a student at Halle, Falckner wrote the hymn: "Auf! ihr Christen, Christi Glieder Rise, Ye Children of Salvation." Falckner's Spirituality.

'WIE ALT? he repeated. And he hesitated. It was evidently one of his reticencies. 'How old are YOU? he replied, without answering. 'I am twenty-six, she answered. 'Twenty-six, he repeated, looking into her eyes. He paused. Then he said: 'UND IHR HERR GEMAHL, WIE ALT IS ER? 'Who? asked Gudrun. 'Your husband, said Ursula, with a certain irony.

Gott und die Seele, die Seele und ihr Gott these two, eternally akin, yet in their kinship unconfounded, make up the theme and the content of religion; and any attempt to obliterate the distinction between them in some monistic formula, any tendency to surrender either the Divine or the human personality, any philosophy which seeks to merge man in God and God in the universe, is fatal to religion itself.

"'Mutter, sagte ich, 'ich bin ihr Sohn, ich bin ihr Karl! und sie sturtzte mir in die Arme!" he repeated, recovering a little and wiping the tears from his eyes. "Bot Got did not wish me to finish my tays in my own town. I were pursuet by fate. I livet in my own town only sree mons.

"Oh, you look just lovely, Anne," Judy assured her, with the cruel indifference of genius. "You're just lovely. I think this is the best I have done yet. Think what a picture you will make." "Think how my nose will peel," mourned Anne, forlornly. "Die schönste Jungfrau sitzet Dort oben wunderbar, Ihr goldnes Geschmeide blitzet, Sie kämmt ihr gold'nes Haar."

Professor von Schroeder says even more precisely and emphatically: "In der Religion der Arischen Urzeit ist Alles auf Lebensbejahung gerichtet, Mann kann den Phallus als ihr Beherrschendes Symbol betrachten."