Young Carleton looked wonderingly toward friend and asked, "What do you mean?" "I don't mean vot I don't say and derefore dinks I mean vot I vos." "So the colt went into the river? Where were you?" "Mit de colt and he vos mit me, so we bot vos mit each other. Just feels of me." Jack reached out his hand and pinched the clothing of his friend in several places. It was saturated.

"I ain't denyin' of it," was the reply of that individual, who was now sculling the boat about the whale in a great circle. "I've seen," continued the skipper, "a white whale smash a bot so clean that ye'd thought it had been through a mill; and it was a caution haow we didn't go with it. That was a curious year," he added.

This plant, according to Bergius, is an emetic, errhine, diuretic, diaphoretic, emmenagogue; and from its supposed power of attenuating the blood, it has been esteemed so peculiarly efficacious in obviating the bad consequences occasioned by falls and bruises, that it obtained the appellation of Panacea Lapsorum. Woodville's Med. Bot. p. 43. ARTEMISIA Absinthium. WORMWOOD, The Herb.

Taking the Count's arm, he said to him with moving earnestness "Have I not told you how constant I am like ze magnet and ze pole?" "I have heard you employ the simile." "Ach, bot it is true! I am inside my heart so constant as it is possible! But I now represent Tollyvoddle, and for his sake most try to do my best." Again Count Bunker glanced at his knee. "And that is your best, then?"

Then, "Oh, listen to this: "I got to Trenton but befor I crossed the river I sold the bot for $20. I'm going to New York for to get work. "Trenton!" repeated Miss Phillips. "Marjorie, we might be able to locate your canoe if we search all the boat-houses and the river-front there, and on the opposite side of the Delaware!" "That's an idea!" cried Marjorie. "I'll ask papa "

It is said to occasion heat, thirst, a degree of delirium, and a peculiar sensation of the parts affected. Woodville's Med. Bot. p. 239. SECT. VIII. MEDICINAL PLANTS not contained in either of the BRITISH DISPENSATORIES.

I woult die in peace if I coult see him once more my darling son! Bot Got will not haf it so. Then she cried, and I coult no longer stant it. 'Darling Mamma! I say, 'I am your son, I am your Karl! and she fell into my arms." Karl Ivanitch covered his eyes, and his lips were quivering.

He puffed imperturbably at his pipe for a time, but finally arose and began to look out at the window into the darkening chaos of back yards. "You've been drinkin', Mary," he said. "You'd better let up on the bot', ol' woman, or you'll git done." "You're a liar. I ain't had a drop," she roared in reply. They had a lurid altercation, in which they damned each other's souls with frequence.

Its medical virtue resides in the essential oil, which is supposed to be a gentle corroborant and stimulant of the aromatic kind; and is recommended in nervous debilities, and various affections proceeding from a want of energy in the animal functions. Woodville's Med. Bot. p. 323. LAURUS nobilis. BAY-TREE. Leaves and Berries.

Being provided of more of the same kind, I made myselfe reddie, and rode to the head-quarters. At my returne, I could heare no news of my stockins. That night I went to bed, and nixt morning found myselfe just so used; missing the three stockins for one leg onlie, the other three being left intire as they were the day before. A narrower search then the first was made, bot without successe.