The ancient Castle of Inverlochy, once, as it is said, a royal fortress, and still, although dismantled, a place of some strength and consideration, offered convenient head-quarters, and there was ample room for Argyle's army to encamp around him in the valley, where the Lochy joins Loch-Eil.

Cheering the rare leisure hour, in one's Tent at Selowitz, Pohrlitz, Irrlitz, far away! But to return. Out from Head-quarters, diligent operations shoot forth, far enough, along those Taya-Morawa Valleys, where Hungarian "Insurgents" are beginning to be dangerous. South of Brunn, all round Brunn, are diligent operations, frequent skirmishings, constant strict levyings of contributions.

A truce was made between Persia and Rome early in A.D. 532; and the truce was followed after a short interval by a treaty known as "the endless peace" whereby Rome and Persia made up their differences and arranged to be friends on the following conditions: Rome was to pay over to Persia the sum of eleven thousand pounds of gold, or about half a million of our money, as her contribution towards the maintenance of the Caucasian defences, the actual defence being undertaken by Persia; Daras was to remain a fortified post, but was not to be made the Roman head-quarters in Mesopotamia, which were to be fixed at Constantia; the district of Pharangium and the castle of Bolon, which Rome had recently taken from Persia, were to be restored, and Persia on her part was to surrender the forts which she had captured in Lazica; Rome and Persia were to be eternal friends and allies, and were to aid each other whenever required with supplies of men and money.

Bouquet, leaving his head-quarters at Philadelphia, reached Carlisle late in June, where he heard for the first time of the calamities at Presqu'île, Le Boeuf, and Venango. He left Carlisle with a force of five hundred men, some of them the pick of the British regulars, but many of them aged veterans enfeebled by disease and long, severe exposure.

A serious doubt passed through her, whether, if Mr. Hardie did not write soon, she ought not to limit his son's attendance on her daughter. "He follows her about like a little dog," said she half fretfully. Next day, by previous invitation, Dr. Sampson made Albion Villa his head-quarters. Darting in from London, he found Alfred sitting very close to Julia over a book.

Then "the general" was suddenly sounded from brigade head-quarters, the regimental buglers took up the signal, and in twenty minutes we were on the road and moving back toward Gordon's Mills and Chattanooga. No leisurely march this time, however, but a race which tasked even the legs of the veterans.

His highness imagines you conveyed some of them to their head-quarters." "Does he?" "Master Dalton, you are close." "Master Burrell, I have agreed to do your business." "Well!" "I mean it to be well. Consequently, I have not agreed to tell you mine." Burrell looked daggers for a moment, and then turned off with a hasty step and a forced laugh.

Then Lightning laughed. "I've fooled 'em," said Lightning. There was turmoil in Lexington. The streets thundered with the tramp of cavalry going to catch Morgan. Daylight came and nothing was done nothing known. The afternoon waned, and still Ward fretted at head-quarters, while his impatient staff sat on the piazza talking, speculating, wondering where the wily raider was.

Pleasure shall be the recreation and not the business of life with her. Home the rule parties the exception. Duty first, amusement second. Her head-quarters shall always be in her own house, but the outposts will never be neglected. "'Nothin' like an American woman for an American man, is there? said she, and she drew nearer, lookin' up in my face to read the answer, and didn't rock so hard.

However, after remaining in the cabin till all the other passengers were gone, we had our luggage placed on a fly, and I took my master by the arm, and with a little difficulty he hobbled on shore, got in and drove off to the best hotel, which John C. Calhoun, and all the other great southern fire-eating statesmen, made their head-quarters while in Charleston.