Keep it safe nebber lose it!" and with a warning gesture the old crone hobbled away in the same cautious way as she had come, looking from side to side to see if we had been observed. I was more amused than impressed by the old woman's earnestness, and was only prevented from laughing during her oration by the fear of hurting her feelings.

Unwillingly the old man hobbled off. He came to the shore, and cried out with a windy, quavering old voice, "Head in air and tail in sea, Fish, fish, listen to me." Nothing happened. The old man thought of his wife, and what would happen to him if she were still Tzaritza when he came home. Again he called out, "Head in air and tail in sea, Fish, fish, listen to me."

Then, with a gesture of disdain at the babbling crowd, he marched determinedly away, his rifle held in the hollow of his arm. At this heroic moment a new clamour arose, half admiration, half dismay. Old Peter hobbled after the major, continually repeating, "Hol' on a minnet."

An old man, pottering about among the ruins, gathered up some broken boards and hobbled off; and once more Keno, the greatest gold camp the West has ever seen, sank back to silence and dreams.

As if in answer to the question, he drove directly to the harness shop instead of to the tannery house. Ephraim greeted them from within with a cheery hail, and hobbled out and stood between the wheels of the buggy. "That bridle bust again?" he inquired. "Er Ephraim," said Jethro, "how long since you b'en away from Coniston how long?" Ephraim reflected.

And clapping me in the friendliest way upon the shoulder, he hobbled off forward and went below. Captain Smollett, the squire, and Doctor Livesey were talking together on the quarter-deck, and anxious as I was to tell them my story, I durst not interrupt them openly. While I was still casting about in my thoughts to find some probable excuse, Doctor Livesey called me to his side.

His first act was to remove the saddle, and then, with a handful of dead grass, rub the sweaty back of the mettlesome animal, as every true son of the plains always does before he thinks of his own comfort. Next he hobbled the animal, and drove the stake pin, to which the lariat was attached, deeply into the ground.

Such sturdy, glad-eyed children Hare had never seen. In a few moments, as though their happy screams were signals, the shady circle was filled with hounds, and a string of puppies stepping on their long ears, and ruffling turkey-gobblers, that gobbled and gobbled, and guinea-hens with their shrill cries, and cackling chickens, and a lame wild goose that hobbled along alone.

Those people Speak a language verry Similal to the Chopunish and with a very inconsiderable difference. their dress and appearance is more like those of the Great falls of the Columbia. we had all our horses Side hobbled and let out to feed. at this village a large Creek falls in on the N. Side which I had not observed as I decended the river. the river is by no means as rapid as it was at the time we decended.

Good heavens! ... "Nourhalma," as I understand it, is a sort of pagan poem but with such incredible ideas and sentiments as are expressed in it, the author might as well go and be a Christian at once! And with that he hobbled off, for it was Sunday afternoon, and he was on his way to St.