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It was not clear to him how knowledge should bring about the realisation of the social ideal, but he believed that the knowledge that had shown him the injustice of the state in which he lived would also abolish that injustice itself. Besides knowledge would, in his opinion, raise him above others. Therefore he left off drinking and smoking, and devoted all his leisure time to study.

In this were divers shops of the genteeler sort, and some large cafes, standing full of men of leisure, who crowded to their doors and windows, with their hats on and their hands in their pockets, as at a club, and let no fact of the passing world escape their hungry eyes. Their behavior expressed a famine of incident in Cordova which was pathetic.

Each will therefore serve about equally well during the earlier stages of social growth. But when the differentiation has gone farther and it becomes necessary to reach a wider human environment, consumption begins to hold over leisure as an ordinary means of decency. This is especially true during the later, peaceable economic stage.

The following image of the bursting forth of a mountain-spring, seems to us also to be conceived with great elegance and beauty. These examples, we perceive, are not very well chosen but we have not leisure to improve the selection; and, such as they are, they may serve to give the reader a notion of the sort of merit which we meant to illustrate by their citation.

It was Monday night, a leisure time with him, and he was going out to see a friend, a minister, with whom Monday night was also leisure time. After he was gone, some of the other boarders began to drop in from the lectures and concerts which they frequented in the evening.

I never heard the particulars myself. Nobody else, either, seems to know anything about it. But Miss Hastings says there's quite a story, and she's got it all down pat from A to Z. She's using it for her series." A porter brought up some newcomers and Blair stepped aside. But the moment his man was at leisure again he cornered him at once.

He was so poor, so very poor; this book was his only treasure and his only joy in life. The tears arose to his eyes, but he kept them from falling. When the customer was gone, and the bookseller was at leisure, Ishmael approached and laid the volume on the counter, saying: "Have you another copy of this work in the shop, Mr. Hamlin?"

He thoroughly enjoyed his leisure, but he was not long left in tranquillity. When Anne Boleyn was crowned, he was invited to be present, and twenty pounds were offered him to buy a suitably splendid dress for the occasion; but his conscience would not allow him to accept the invitation, though he well knew the terrible peril he ran by offending the King and Queen.

When the ancient courtyard is left empty again the colonial coaches rolled off through the gates; the colonial huntsmen up and away and now but distant points of red, fading to the music of hounds and horns we fall to wondering about those early Virginians. Such, largely, was their life abundant leisure, elegant display, exuberant merrymaking.

'My lord, said he, 'I wanted to ask you a question on business, if you would spare me one moment's leisure. I know I must apologise for so disturbing you; but in truth, I will not detain you five minutes. 'Certainly, Master, certainly, said the bishop; 'my time is quite yours pray make no apology, pray make no apology. 'You have a great deal to do just at the present moment, bishop.