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But the aged cashier's place was occupied by an alert young man who asked to be of service and Shirley could only inquire if Carson was in. The aged woman working at a filing cabinet turned quickly when she heard the voice of the inquirer. She walked to the counter to get a better view. "Why, it's Shirley!" she cried as she ran out in the corridor. "It's Shirley! twice as big!"

With prompt determination he turned into the first barber's stall that he saw lighted up; at his appearance the barber hastily retreated behind his counter, but he got his hair and beard cut, and then, for the first time for many years, he saw his own face in the mirror that the barber held before him.

As there were but few customers in that morning, however, he drew a stool behind the counter, and seated himself; an act which placed at defiance one of the strictest rules of the establishment. He had scarcely done so when Mr.

Daisy turned to look at her as Mr. Lamb's question was thrown at her over the counter, in a tone very different from his words to herself. She saw a pale, freckled, pensive-faced little girl, in very slim clothing, her dress short and ragged, and feet bare. The child had been looking at her and her baskets, but now suddenly looked away to the shopkeeper. "Please, sir, I want "

I go there from time to time to smoke and have a chat, and find him as great a creature as in the days of his prosperity; he has an Olympian air behind the counter; and although a sedentary life is beginning to tell upon his waistcoat, he is probably, take him for all in all, the handsomest tobacconist in London. I was a great solitary when I was young.

Hands fixed to the axles of the wheels, and movable over dials, permit the volume of gas to be read that has traversed the counter. The object of the other parts of the instrument are to secure regularity in its operation by keeping the level of the liquid constant.

'I have no power here, I assure you. And if I had 'But, allow me, sir, to mention it, as between yourself and a man who has seen better days, sir. The master and myself are both masons, sir, and I make him the sign continually; but, because I am in this unfortunate position, sir, he won't give me the counter- sign!

"Scramble 'em!" yelled Al, from the bedroom, by way of warning. There was very little talk after that. The energies of three of them were directed toward reaching the waiting desk or counter on time. The energy of one toward making that accomplishment easy. The front door slammed once that was Pa, on his way; slammed again Al.

"Here are the things you bought. Now go out of the back door and cut across the fields. It's the shortest way home." Mr. Smith took his various parcels, including the six boxes of marshmallows which Mary-'Gusta produced from beneath the counter. "I thought you said these were stale," he observed, wonderingly. "I said they weren't real fresh, but they're fresh enough for a toast.

He sprang upon the counter in the moment of astonished quiet, and, before tongues broke loose again, he had the whole attention of the crowd. "Here, boys," he cried. "Abe's right. Drunk as he is, he's right. Only he sure wants to do too much more than his legs'll let him." He grinned. "We're goin' to do this thing right now. But we're goin' to do it like good citizens of a dandy city.