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Upon condition, sir, you will requite me But with one gentle favour. Cou. Any thing Sis. You must sitt downe and heare me then while I At a distance thus deliver Cou. Tis more state. Sis. I am most unfortunate. Cou. In what, deare Damsell? Sis. And much wrongd by a gentleman I lov'd. Cou. Can he be a gentleman that dares Wrong so much love and beauty? what's the offence? Sis. He wo'not love agen.

And in seeking to auoyde these dangers in the darke weather, the Anne Francis lost sight of the other two Ships, who being likewise hardly distressed, signified their danger, as they since reported, by shooting off their ordinance, which the other could not heare, nor if they had heard, could haue giuen them any remedie, being so busily occupied to winde themselues out of their owne troubles.

Is it you, Clariana, that speake all this? Cla. You know and heare it is. Thu. But I doe scarce Credit my hearing, or conceive I am Mortall, for surely, had I bin, your words Like the decree of heaven had struck me dead. What strong temptation lay you on my faith!

After noone we past by a man of warre being a Hollander, that lay at anker, and he hoysed anker to follow vs, about euening wee spake with him, but because of the wind wee could hardly heare what hee said, yet hee sailed on with vs. The 12. and 13. we had a hard South West wind, and sometimes West, so that no Pilots came abord our ship, but the 13. day about euening it began to be faire weather.

He has practised late to mend his hand, and now With the very wind and flourish of his instrument He will strike flatt a projector at twelve score. Ri. Does he not heare you? Cap. En. Into what misery have my Projects flung me! They shanot know I understand 'em. That I were quitt with loss of both my eares, although I cut my haire like a Lay Elder, too, To shew the naked conyholes!

Good friend for Iesus sake forbeare To digg the dust encloased heare: Blest be ye man yt spares thes stones And curst be he yt moves my bones. Ben Jonson says of Bacon, as orator: His language, WHERE HE COULD SPARE AND PASS BY A JEST, was nobly censorious. No man ever spoke more neatly, more pressly, more weightily, or suffered less emptiness, less idleness, in what he uttered.

I come to aske a question, which the winds; If I could deafe them, should not heare for feare Their repercussive Eccho should declare it To all our infamies. Lady. What ist, I pray you? Bon. Your daughter whom I was a servant to, I must deliver it in the homeliest phrase Is she dishonest? Lady. You urge a repetition, gentle sir, Of a sad truth: she is. Bon.

Whose lamentations if thou fortune to heare, beware that thou doe in no wise make answer, or looke up towards them, for if thou doe thou shalt purchase to mee great sorrow, and to thyself utter destruction. Psyches hearing her Husband, was contented to doe all things as hee had commanded.

There was a poole where weare a good store of bustards. I began to creepe though I might come neare. Thought to be in Canada, where the fowle is scared away; but the poore creatures, seeing me flatt uppon the ground, thought I was a beast as well as they, so they come neare me, whisling like gosslings, thinking to frighten me. The whistling that I made them heare was another musick then theirs.

Then I spake and said O my friend Socrates you have declared unto me many marvellous things and strange chances, and moreover stricken me with no small trouble of minde, yea rather with great feare, lest the same old woman using the like practice, should fortune to heare all our communication.