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"Those are hard words, mein Herr," said Phadrig, still speaking in German. "I your prisoner! Why? What have I done to make this outrage on English law possible?" "You will do better to come, Mr Amena," said Hendry, in his quiet official tone; "it will save a good deal of trouble both to you and us. It must be the same in the end, you know.

"Mein Gott! yes," replied the rather obtuse corporal, who now understood the whole plot. Such was the snare laid for Mr Vanslyperken by the treacherous widow, and before the cutter sailed, it was put in execution.

If you are a schoolma'am from Peoria, taking your vacation, follow my advice and make your home in the "Bedford District," within easy reach of Stopford Brooke's chapel, and your London visit will stand out forever as a bright oasis in memory's desert waste. All of which I put in here because Larry Hutton forgot to mention it and Mein Herr Baedeker didn't think it worth while.

But the great devil did envy it, and by that means put the High Dutches far behind, who played the devils in swilling down and tippling at the good liquor, trink, mein herr, trink, trink, by two of my table-men in the corner-point I have gained the lurch.

"Besides, young men are too selfish; they think more of themselves than of us; while you, now, think only of me. I am all your life to you. And I will take nothing more from you. I want to prove to you how disinterested I am." "Vy, I hafe gifen you notink," cried the Baron, enchanted. "I propose to gife you to-morrow tirty tousant francs a year in a Government bond. Dat is mein vedding gift."

"There is an injured man down the road a way," said Orme. "Motor-car smash." "So?" "His leg is broken, I think. I made him as comfortable as I could. Can you get a doctor? The man will rest quiet till a doctor comes. He can't be moved very well." "Ein doctor? Ja. Es ist one bei Niles Center. Mein son vill go for him. Too bad! Too bad! Come in." "No, thank you," said Orme carelessly.

"Mein Gott," said he, "it is so short a time since Andrew Grineff was your age, and now, see what a fine fellow of a son he has. Ah! time! time!" He opened the letter and began to run it over with a commentary of remarks. "'Sir, I hope your Excellency, What is this; what is the meaning of this ceremony? discipline, of course before all, but is this the way to write to an old friend?

What hash you been dain in dis lower world?" "Ah! Lort, ich does not know." "Well, Shorge Fulwiler, hasn't you got a mill?" "Yes, Lort, ich hash." "Well, Shorge Fulwiler, didn't you never take too much toll?" "Yes, Lort, ich hash; when der water wash low, and mein stones wash dull, ich take leetle too much toll." "Well, den, Shorge Fulwiler, you must go to der left mid der goats."

He was most anxious to send a letter to Mynheer Krause to inform him of the safety of his daughter, and he immediately answered that they might go if they pleased. "Mein Gott but how, mynheer we no have the excuse." "But I'll give you one," replied Ramsay "you shall go to the Hague." The corporal touched his hat with the greatest respect, and walked forward to communicate this good news.

When the door closed the delegation separated into units, and each went his own way. Roland, stepping out of the shadow, accosted the rearmost man. "Pardon me, mein Herr," he said, "but may I ask what ceremony is this in which you have been taking part?"

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