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And Herr Tiefel, carried away by the recollection, rose to his feet. The others caught fire, and stood up with their mugs high in the air, shouting: "Lebe wohl, Carl! Lebe wohl! Salamander, salamander, salamander! Ein ist ein, zwei ist zwei, drei ist drei! Lebe wohl!" And so they toasted every man present, even Stephen himself, whom they complimented on his speech.

A young man who cannot riddles antworten, he is not so good by business for ein family to provide is not that hein? And he hands us a riddle a conundrum, some calls it and he chuckles interiorly and gives both of us till to-morrow morning to work out the answer to it. And he says whichever of us guesses the repartee end of it goes to his house o' Wednesday night to his daughter's birthday party.

Ich bin ein Edelmann Lasz doch sehen, ob mein Adelbrief aelter ist als der Risz zum unendlichen Weltall; oder mein Wappen gueltiger ist als die Handschrift des Himmels in Louisens Augen: Dieses Weib ist fuer diesen Mann. 'Cabal and Love'. In 'Cabal and Love' Schiller found again, as he had previously found in 'The Robbers', a thoroughly congenial theme.

"Vell, I haf heards dat in America dere might not be any noples ant aristocrats," put in my uncle, with an appearance of beautiful simplicity; "and dat dere ist not ein graaf in der whole coontry."

Indeed the admiring throng rushed to the stage to shower him with admiration. "Das war aber zu schon!" sighed a dowager near me. "Ja, ja, wunderbar. Ein Berliner Professor!" I investigated Professor Sombart and learned from authority which is beyond question that he was an out and out Government agent foisted on to the University of Berlin against the wishes of its faculty.

Art thou nothing other than a Vulture, then, that fliest through the Universe seeking after somewhat to eat; and shrieking dolefully because carrion enough is not given thee? Close thy Byron; open thy Goethe." "Es leuchtet mir ein, I see a glimpse of it!" cries he elsewhere: "there is in man a HIGHER than Love of Happiness: he can do without Happiness, and instead thereof find Blessedness!

He is a soldier, out by Fort Larmie." "Yes?" said Davies, smiling. "Then perhaps I'll see him some day. I expect to be out there before long." "And you are a soldier, too! Ach Gott! ein offizier?" she exclaimed, in consternation, born of German associations. "Not yet, though I suppose I shall be very soon. What is your boy's regiment?"

So comes the truth of Goethe's judgments on his works; they are a life, a living thing, designed for those who are alive ein Lebendiges fuer die Lebendigen geschrieben, ein Leben selbst. In 1785 Cardinal Albani, who possessed in his Roman villa a precious collection of antiquities, became Winckelmann's patron. Pompeii had just opened its treasures; Winckelmann gathered its first-fruits.

Ein al Moolk, agreeably to his intentions, having one night chosen two thousand men for the purpose, marched with Sullabut Khan to the enemy's camp, which he was allowed to enter unmolested; but upon a signal given, all the brands were instantly lighted up, and Venkatadry, who was prepared with his troops, rushed upon the surprizers, who expected no resistance, with such success that above five hundred of them were killed before the detachment could clear the camp.

"Es bildet ein Talent sich in der stille," says Goethe, and I think you will admit that there is precious little of "der stille" to be found either in ordinary domestic life, or that refuge of the desperate, a garret in Bloomsbury. Alas! few survive this sort of thing.