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"If your honour stirs or cries out in the least, I will cut your honour's throat," said the Corporal. "You see, Count," said he, calmly, "when rogues fall out there's the deuce to pay. You'll have me drummed out of the regiment, will you? I'm going to leave it of my own accord, look you, and to live like a gentleman for the rest of my days. Schlafen Sie wohl, noble Captain: bon repos.

Denn Spinnen werden oben ein Wohl gar noch meine Mörder seyn.” This poem is a rather successful bit of ridicule cast on the over-sentimental who sought to follow Yorick’s foot-prints. The other allusions to Sterne are concerned with his hobby-horse idea, for this seems to gain the poet’s approbation and to have no share in his censure.

Promise them that the Brende secret is going to Mars. Assure them they will have everlasting life for everyone.... Wohl!" "Master?" "Give me the Cave Station." The mirror went dark. Then it turned a dazzling yellow. A cavern in the interior of Mars. A dark scene of wavering yellow torches. Around a table of instruments sat a score of hairless men.

The Hebrew teachers, a class which, though more respected, underwent as hard a struggle as the workingmen, banded themselves together in 1899 in the Society for Aiding Hebrew Teachers of the Province of Vilna. Their president was Michael Wolper, the inspector of the Hebrew Institute and successor to Wohl as censor of Hebrew publications. Similar attempts were made in Bessarabia.

Well Al I bet nobody ever learned that much in I hour off that bird out to Camp Grant and I'll say its some speed. We are going to have another lesson tonight but Lee says we don't want to try and learn to, much at once or we will forget what we all ready learned and they's a good deal to that Al. Well Al its time for chow again so lebe wohl and that's the same like good by in French.

In the night, exactly at one o'clock, Jakob and Jodokus started: we heard them go, the cattle-bells ringing and the "Leben Sie wohl!" "Behüt Euch Gott!" shouted lovingly after them from the open door and the lower windows of the silent old mansion. Six and twenty head of cattle: the goats, pigs and sheep were to follow later.

It was not ten minutes after this introduction before I had settled to stay with St. John, and clouds of good American tobacco were rising from six Tyrolese pipes, and many an "Auf Ihr Wohl" was busying the pretty Kellnerin. They trotted out all their repertory of quaint local songs for my benefit.

At length, in a dark corner of the tent, Brietmann came to a black box secured with a big padlock. "Herr Professor," he called; "this box. It is locked." The professor simply grunted. "The key, Herr Professor," he persisted. "I advise you to leave that box alone," growled the owner. "It must be opened, nicht warum, wachtmeister?" asked Brietmann of the sergeant. "Ja wohl," said the wachtmeister.

I added, 'It's only me the fortune-teller. Then I slipped to the poor devil's side, and without a word I drove my dirk into his heart! YA WOHL, laughed I, it WAS the tragedy part of his fortune, indeed! As he fell from his horse, he clutched at me, and my blue goggles remained in his hand; and away plunged the beast dragging him, with his foot in the stirrup.

But the four hundred pounds is remarkably important to any one looking forward to having an extravagant spendthrift of a wife on his hands, and so you see, Linn, everything promises well. And I will say good-night to you now though I am not leaving the house yet oh, no! you can send the nurse for me if you want me. Schlaf' wohl!"