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Good-by, little friend; I" his lips approached it "I love you." It flashed from his hand like a bird from the nest. "No-o!" moaned its owner. "Oh, Miss Gar Miss Barb!" groaned John, "you've utterly misunderstood." "No" Barbara had not yet blushed, but now she crimsoned "I've not misunderstood you. I simply don't like that way of saying " "I didn't mean " "I know it, Mr. March.

A' the time ye was keepin company wi' Francie Gordon, ye ken i' yer ain sowl ye was never richt sure o' him! And noo I tell ye plainly that, although I strack him times and times wi' my whup and saired him weel!-I div not believe him sae ill-contrived as ye wad gar me think him.

I have rolled myself in wet blankets in mid-winter when suffering from a severe cold, and have come forth perfectly recovered. You remember the Elk Valley, Perault?" "Oui, for sure. I say dat tam ole boss blam-fool. Hees cough! cough! ver' bad. Nex' mornin', by gar! he's all right." "And will be again soon, Perault, my boy, by the help of these same blankets," said the old man confidently.

Indeed, he had previously stipulated with his mother that he was to manage matters his own way; for though he readily allowed his general inferiority of understanding, and filially submitted to the guidance of his mother on most ordinary occasions, yet he said, "For getting a service, or getting forward in the warld, he could somegate gar the wee pickle sense he had gang muckle farther than hers, though she could crack like ony minister o' them a'."

He would have appeared a large man had not a huge French-Canadian stepped up to him from the bar and gripped his hand. "Hello, Daylight!" was his greeting. "By Gar, you good for sore eyes!" "Hello, Louis, when did you-all blow in?" returned the newcomer. "Come up and have a drink and tell us all about Bone Creek. Why, dog-gone you-all, shake again. Where's that pardner of yours?

And, Perrotte, to-morrow morning at seven you be at the tail of the saw." "Oui, by gar! Perrotte be dere. And you got one good man TOO-day, for sure." That was fifteen years ago, and, barring certain "jubilations," Perrotte made good his prophecy.

There's mair o' utter deevilry in that woman, as brave and fair-fashioned as she rides yonder, than in a' the Scotch withces that ever flew by moonlight ower North Berwick Law." Get awa' hame, for if I tak my souple t'ye, I'll gar ye find the road faster than ye wad like."

When de king of France ride out in de coach royale wid de supeerb horses, and harness shining so bright all vun like gold, if he run over one soldier, you tink he going stop for dat? No, sacra foutre! he ride on so, all one like if nothing at all been happen. Jaun foutre de soldier! let him prenez garde for himself; by gar the grand Monarque no mind dat.

Awa' wi' ye, ye deil's buckie!" she continued, turning to Malcolm; "I ken mair aboot ye nor ye ken aboot yersel', an' deil hae't I ken o' guid to you or yours! But I s' gar ye lauch o' the wrang side o' your mou' yet, my man." Malcolm, who had seated himself on the threshold, only laughed and looked reference to his master.

In South Carolina, prison sailor when he shipwreck, starve him on nosin', den tell him eat this, ah! I sails 'round ze world, but never savage man gives me like zat to eat! No, I starve 'fore I eat him, be gar! Zar, you take him," said he, throwing the pieces of meat upon the floor in disdain. "Meat! Yes, it's what's sent here for us.

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