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Any time a man goes nosin' around after local color, you can bet your saddle he's got several zigzags in his think-organ. These fellers is a breed to themselves.

Arter the Delawares went I turned loose yer dog an' horse an' lit out on yer trail. "Where are the Delawares now?" "I reckon there nosin' my back trail. We must be gittin'. Silvertip'll soon hev a lot of Injuns here." Joe intended to ask the hunter about what had frightened the Indians, but despite his eager desire for information, he refrained from doing so.

I dunno when I've done so much head-work and to no purpose, follerin' here and guessin' there, and nosin' into everything that's past and gone; and so my opinion is, whether you like it or not, but never mind, all the same, I can't do no more than give it, that we'd better drop what's past and gone, and look a little more into these present times!"

Five minutes of unalloyed bliss followed and we were just draining off the last dregs and cleaning up the crumbs, when a bullet-headed boy stuck his head in at the door. "Dorg's 'ere again," he said, laconically. "Nosin' abaht in the gabbage 'eap." "Tie a can on 'is tile," said the grocer.

"Hold! you strike the white man's friend!" The excellent English startled Kent, and he relaxed his hold. "Who are you?" he demanded. "Pequanon, the white man's friend." "What did you come nosin' out here fur then?" Kent's knees were upon the arms of the Indian, while he was seated upon his breast. The hunter loosed his grasp. "The pale-faced maiden. Pequanon wished to save her."

At length he spoke. "See here, boy," he said, his voice sinking to a hoarse whisper, "how long had you been livin' on that there island?" Jeremy looked up wonderingly. "Not long," he answered, "only a day or two, really." "And you nor none of yer folks never went nosin' 'round there to find nothin', did yer? Tell me the truth, now!" Daggs leaned closer, a murderous intensity in his face.

Reaching the south, the lower, end of his post, he turned again. He had but ten minutes left of his two-hour tramp. The second relief was due to start at 3.30, and should reach him at 3.35. He was wondering would the officer of the day "come nosin' round" within that time, asking him his orders, and was everything all right on his post? And had he observed anything unusual?

"They builds this boat, the one that disappeared, and in order that Foxy shouldn't play no tricks, that bein' his disposition, Sanchez 'lows he'll take both the sample and the map. Foxy sees no way out of it but to give in and that's the way it's fixed. "The boat is taken out of Yuma in sections and then put together in a place whar nobody ain't likely to come nosin' around.

I went nosin' round up the road. Saw Alloway goin' into Deger's. He's thick with the Degers. Reckon he's askin' questions. Anyway, I was sure glad to see him away from Bland's. An' he didn't see me. When I dropped into Benson's there wasn't nobody there but Jackrabbit an' some greasers he was startin' to work. Benson never had no use fer me.

Abe wuz awful hungry agin when we reached Louisville, but I found a place where a dollar would buy him enuf pork & beans 2 probably last him over the river. But I begun 2 be efeard that sum nosin pryin Mike Medler might make trubble in gitting Abe safely acrost the Ohio.