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Around him and the monument and the old frame house on River Street, the lazy, shallow river, the high school near the court house, Demley's Tavern across the square, the line of shops on either side, the new "movie" theatre of pink tile, and the old yellow church on the corner the pictures of her life trooped by, the pictures of her last few years with the miracle, the discovery that she herself, Ethel Knight, who had always been considered "plain," was slowly now developing into a beautiful woman.

"I only meant it would be better to stop in time." But these words had the effect of fire on gunpowder. She got up, as red as a tile. Just so! Now he wanted her to close! She rushed in a manner somewhat recalling the useful animal just mentioned by herself, when it is trying to get loose into the shop and back again.

Have it jest as you've a mind to, but, if I was you, I'd dreen. So they drained it long and crossways in the lavish Roman style. Still we find among the river-drift their flakes of ancient tile, And in drouthy middle August, when the bones of meadows show, We can trace the lines they followed sixteen hundred years ago.

The impresario Dörmaul wore black and white striped trousers of imported cut, a vest that looked like a bit of tapestry made of pressed leather, a massive gold watch-chain from which dangled countless fobs, a blood red tie with a diamond as big as the Koh-i-noor and as false as an April sun, and a grey silk tile hat which he lifted only when in the presence of privy councillors, generals, and police presidents.

Ventimore made his bids with all possible discretion, but time after time he found the competition for some perforated mosque lantern, engraved ewer, or ancient porcelain tile so great that his limit was soon reached, and his sole consolation was that the article eventually changed hands for sums which were very nearly double the Professor's estimate.

The window openings are grated on the outside and have a sort of portiere or wooden shutters on the inside. The streets are not straight, but wind and turn until one loses the points of the compass. The houses are built out even with the streets, no front yards and no spaces between the houses. Houses are mostly covered on the outside walls with plaster and roofs of red tile.

I had noticed the offices, furnished with a richness worthy of a bank or some great downtown institution. Now, in the lavatory, immaculate with its white tile and modern appointments, I saw a shelf literally stacked, in this day of paper, with linen towels of the finest quality.

When the water rises nearly to the top of the tank it is siphoned into another tank, and from there it is piped about the field. The piping is very simple ordinary drain tile conveys the water. From this main trunk should be branch lines of "laterals," laid from eight to twelve feet apart, as they would be laid for draining a field.

We started to take a walk, and passed along the aqueduct, which approaches the city by a aeries of arches; thence up the point of the hill to a place known as the Madre, or fountain, to which all the water that drips from the leaves is conducted by tile gutters, and is carried to the city by an open stone aqueduct. Here we found Mr.

But the German, with his nearly air-tight double windows and his even more nearly sealed tile stove, spends the winter in an atmosphere suggestive of the descriptions that arctic travellers give us of the air in the hut of an Eskimo. It is clear, then, that the models in the Museum of Hygiene have thus far failed of the proselyting purpose for which they were presumably intended.

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