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Fuller mentions a book writ by our author, entitled Monumenta Literaria, which are said to Non tam labore, condita, quam Lepore condita: The author of English poetry, speaking of several of our old English bards, says thus of our poet. "John Heywood for the mirth and quickness of conceit, more than any good learning that was in him, came to be well rewarded by the king."

"I didn't hurt myself much because he was quite soft, but his tam fell off and he said, 'Bless my soul, by George!" "Roger, I can't stand any more," implored Frances. "I don't follow the logic of that hair-dresser and the scales," mused Win, when he had stopped laughing. "Is it before and after a hair-cut or to see how much flesh the barber gouges out in a shave?" "Give it up," said Fran.

Great shadows were thrown among the trees like the ghosts and goblins on the ride of Tam O'Shanter, who reveled among the witches and warlocks. But we were hungry and happy and turned our attention to the broiling venison and brewing coffee. After supper we began a study of the mountains and the probable cause of gold being distributed all along the streams in such small quantities.

"It's a' richt talkin' about a union, but the mair ye fecht the mair ye're oppressed. The bosses ha'e the siller, an' they can ay buy the brains to serve them." Geordie made no reply, for he knew from experience that it was only too true. "Just look at young Jamie Soutar," continued Tam. "He is yin o' the cleverest men i' the country.

So they worked, risking and daring things of which no man who never saw a like calamity has any conception, and which would have appalled themselves at any other time. "Look out, boys," called Tam Donaldson, springing back to the road as the warning noise again began, and great masses of rock came hurtling down, filling the place with dust and noise.

As he approached the American's table he said with a grin, "You American! I know! You American!" "How did you guess it, my friend?" "You make me one tam fool!" he said holding out the report. Some of the most laughable things that one sees in the Orient are the Japanese signs translated into English by some Japanese merchant who has picked up a dash of English here and there.

"Weel Tam here helped me tae win oot, as I may say," replied Sandy. "He hadna eneuch of fechtin', sae he mun join thae yoemanry corps that followed Wilkinson's army doun the St Lawrence, and took part in the battle o' Windmill Point. They took a hantle o' preesoners there, and sune cam a' cartel' they ca' it, offering an exchange.

When she has one, it is almost invariably a light tam o'shanter, or something very small and soft, which clings closely to the hair and does not get in the way of the swing of the club. She tucks up her sleeves like a man, and in the soles of her shoes she has plenty of goodly sized nails.

"Is luncheon ready?" was Mhor's greeting. "Why? Are you hungry?" "Oh yes, but it's not that. I wondered if there would be time to go to the stables. Tam says there are some new puppies." "I'd keep the puppies for later, if I were you," Lewis Elliot advised. "You'd better have luncheon while your hands are fairly clean.

Thus: Left aerodrome 6 A. M. Enemy patrols encountered 5 Ditto ditto chased 4 Ditto ditto forced down 2 Bombs dropped on Verleur Station 5 &c., &c. Fortunately Tam possessed a romantic and a poetical soul, and there were rare occasions when he would offer a lyrical account of his adventures containing more color and detail.