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Burnett should think things. "I wonder what he'll do when Mrs. Rennie comes to the Glasgows' next month," said Mrs. Burnett. "Why should he do anything?" asked Jen. "Oh, well, you know there was something between them ... an understanding if not an engagement ... before she married Rennie. They met abroad ... my sister told me all about it ... and Mr. Elliot was quite infatuated with her.

Diane flashed another odd little glance in the direction of her cousin. Probably Sheba was the one woman in Kusiak who did not know that Macdonald had served an ultimatum on Elliot to get out or fight and that their rivalry over her favor was at the bottom of the difficulty between them. "It will work out all right," promised the older cousin. "Did you see Mr. Macdonald?" asked Diane. "Yes.

Elliot what power could "fuse" a respectable woman? Ansell consented to the stroll, but, as usual, only breathed depression. The comfort of books deserted him among those marble goddesses and gods. The eye of an artist finds pleasure in texture and poise, but he could only think of the vanished incense and deserted temples beside an unfurrowed sea. "Let us go," he said.

"Go to the hotel and see this man Elliot alone. Tell him he's gone too far butted into my affairs once too often. There's not a man alive I'd stand it from. My orders are for him to get out on the next boat. If he's here after that, I'll kill him on sight." The color ebbed out of the florid face of Wally. He moistened his lips to speak. "Good God, Mac, you can't do that. He'll go out and report "

He had also recommended himself to their notice as a good shipkeeper, for as it did not answer Elliot to go often ashore, he had always given up his turn of leave to his neighbours.

"The man you want," Mr. Hewitt said, "is here in New York Elliot F. Sandford. He's a referee of the Supreme Court of this state a fine man, great legal ability, courageous, of undoubted integrity. Come to me, tomorrow. I'll introduce you to him." It was the first time that I had even heard the name of Elliot F. Sandford; and I had not the faintest notion of how best to approach him.

A minute more and her mother and she were in the motor gliding through damp streets in the murky darkness. After a short silence Mrs. Mansfield said: "Well, Charmian, you escaped! Are you very thankful?" "Escaped!" said a rather plaintive voice from the left-hand corner of the car. "The dreaded Te Deum." "Is he a musician at all? I believe Max Elliot has been humbugging us."

Wesley Elliot, who had by now reached the wide opening into the hall in the course of his progress among the guests, glanced up as Fanny Dodge swept the last step of the stair with her unfashionable white gown. "Why, good evening, Miss Dodge," he exclaimed, with commendable presence of mind, seeing the heart under his waistcoat had executed an uncomfortable pas seul at sight of her.

"I shall give myself up to the authorities," decided Dr. Elliot. He was deadly pale, but of unshaken nerve. "Why?" cried Hal. "It was no fault of yours." "Rules of the game. Well, young man, you have a paper to get out for to-morrow, though the heavens fall. Good-night." Hal gripped at his hand. "I don't know how to thank you " he began. "Don't try, then," was the gruff retort. "Where's Mac?"

"I guess you're wrong this time," said Doctor Gordon, laughing. "Come, Elliot, it is time for breakfast, and we have to drive to Wardville afterward for that fever case." James followed Gordon into the dining-room. Clemency said good morning almost rudely, then she hid her face behind the coffee-urn. Gordon glanced at her and smiled tenderly, but the girl did not see it.

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