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"Because he is neither fierce nor wild," she echoed. "Nor masterful!" said I. "Nor masterful!" said Charmian, with averted head. So I opened the door, but, even then, must needs turn back again. "Do you think I am so very different from him?" "As different as day from night, as the lamb from the wolf," said she, without looking at me. "Good night, Peter!"

He made them laugh, and Charmian introduced them, and Cornelia gave him his tea; then Charmian returned to her grievance and complained to Cornelia: "I thought you didn't know anybody in New York." "Well, it seems you were not far wrong," Wetmore interposed. "I don't call Ludlow much of anybody." "You don't often come down to anything as crude as that, Wetmore," Ludlow said.

He saw only Charmian in her pale green gown, with a touch of green in her cloud of dark hair, and a long way off the stage. He heard perpetually his own music. But to-night it did not seem to him to be his own. He listened to it with a kind of dreadful and supreme detachment, as if it had nothing to do with him.

She went toward the alcove curtained off from the studio, and Charmian put her arm round her to stay her and help. "Don't. I can get along perfectly well." "I will lie down here with you," said Charmian. "You won't mind?" "No, I shall like to have you."

"Will you ever think of it!" "No " "Because I don't choose to have you think I am such a fool as to to " "No, indeed, I don't." "Because there isn't anything of it, and it wouldn't mean anything, if there were." "No," said Charmian. "The only thing is to tear him out of your heart; and I will help you!" She made as if she were ready to begin then, and Cornelia broke into a genuine laugh.

Then, beckoning to Charmian and Archibius, she motioned towards Alexander and the twins, saying, as she saw tears glittering in the eyes of both: "I know you have lost this happiness for my sake. For each one of these children a great empire would not be too high a price; for them all What does earth contain that I would not bestow? Yet what can I still call my own?"

They listened jealously, attended as it were with every fiber of their bodies, as well as with their minds, to everything that was happening in this man-created world. Charmian felt Gillier listening, felt, far away behind him, Adelaide Shiffney listening. Gradually her excitement and anxiety became painful. Her mind seemed to her to be burning, not smouldering but flaming.

"The immortals have placed you and Charmian at her side to sustain her, if her own strength fails. The time to test your powers has arrived." "I know my duty," replied Iras austerely. "Prove it!" said Archibius earnestly. "You think you have cause for anger against Charmian." "Whoever treats my foes so tenderly can doubtless dispense with my affection. Where is your ward?"

"Jacques has been telling me about your kindness to him," said Madame Sennier, "and your long talks about opera, America, the audiences over there, the managers, the money-making. I'm afraid he must have bored you with our affairs." "Oh, no!" said Charmian quickly, and faintly reddening. "We have had a delightful time." "Adorable!" said Sennier.

His natural inclination to please, to give people what they seemed to expect of him, had come to his rescue. He had been vivacious and even charming. But when the pressmen had gone he had said to Charmian: "Pleasant fellows, weren't they? But their eyes ask one for success. Till the opera is out I shall see those eyes, asking, always asking!"

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