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When they came near to bind the covering over his eyes, he motioned them away, taking the bandage from their hands and casting it far from him. "Did I ever fear to look down the depths of my enemies' muskets?" It was the single outbreak, the single reproach, that escaped from him the single utterance by which he ever quoted his services to France.

Finally I sort of strolled over to her I knew she couldn't any more than knock me down and said, kind of casual, 'What's doing? She looked up at me, like a kid, in that funny shawl. She knew I was an Englees, right away. I guess I must have a fine, open countenance. And I had motioned toward the red carpet, and the crowded windows.

The surgeon drew a chair to the fire, and motioned the visitor to a seat. The mysterious figure slowly moved towards it. As the blaze shone upon the black dress, the surgeon observed that the bottom of it was saturated with mud and rain. ‘You are very wet,’ be said. ‘I am,’ said the stranger, in a low deep voice.

Neither the engineer nor the crew of the freight understood the meaning of the scene at the timber siding. All they learned was that Tom Swift had saved the freight from a possible wreck. The young inventor turned sharply from the switch and motioned with his hand to Koku. "Throw that fellow into the cab, Koku," he commanded.

It also means that you three men are under arrest! I suspected, that night in your house in New York, Shaw, that you were trying to lead me to a false trail." Mr. Shaw glanced indifferently at the officer and motioned to a distinguished looking gentleman who had been observing the scene from a distance. "This," he said, "is Colonel Hill, your chief, Gordon. He came on from New York with me.

Come, Cure" he added. "It is right that Monsieur should have a few minutes alone. It is a serious charge against him, and reflection will be good for us all." He motioned the constables from the room. The Abby passed through the door into the open air, and the Cure and the Seigneur went arm in arm together, talking earnestly. The Cure turned in the doorway.

Irwin but I shall be back very soon. Don't leave her; go back. And Catherine motioned her back with a little peremptory gesture. 'Doan't ye let 'ur, sir, said the woman excitedly to Robert. 'One's eneuf aa'm thinking. And she pointed with a meaning gesture to the room behind her. Robert looked at Catherine, who was moving towards the outer door.

The war was drawing to its close when the American general, sitting in an apartment at his headquarters, asked of the aide-de-camp in attendance, "Has the man I wished to see arrived, sir?" "He waits the pleasure of your excellency." "I will receive him here, and alone." In a few minutes a figure glided in, and by a courteous gesture was motioned to a chair.

Without a word he beckoned us on into the vast withdrawing room. Without a word he seated himself beside a large oaken centre-table, and motioned us to sit opposite.

Hanlon got up leisurely, but walked purposefully over to confront the Greenie. He smiled and motioned the native back to work. The Greenie's face showed surprise at Hanlon's action, but it made no move to go. It did, however, appear to be keeping its eyes alertly on that dread shock-rod hanging loosely in Hanlon's hand.