During the battle the division of the English army commanded by the Black Prince had to bear the attack of the whole French force. The prince fought so bravely and managed his men so well that King Edward, who was overlooking the field of battle from a windmill on the top of a hill, sent him words of praise for his gallant work.

They had a room all to themselves on an upper floor; the windows were thrown wide open; even as they sat at table they could look abroad on the spacious landscape whose meadows and hedges and woods stretched away into distant heights crowned by a solitary windmill.

'Pliy up, the Arsenal! urged a voice on the outskirts of the crowd. A chorus of encouragement from kind friends in front: 'Step up, Bill! And Bill stepped. Further Developments He did not favour the American crouch and the artistic feint. He had a style wholly his own. It seemed to have been modelled partly on a tortoise and partly on a windmill.

They agree Miss Bentley and he that they cannot get married as they got engaged, in spite of her mother it would be unclerical if it wouldn't be unfilial and they simply have to bide their time." My wife asked abruptly, "How many chambers are there in the Conwell place?" I said, and then she asked, "Is there a windmill or a force-pump?"

But in the end I shall yet surely get the better of him." "Amen! say I" quoth Sancho: and heaving the poor Knight on to his legs, once more he got him seated on "Rozinante." As they now rode along, it was a great sorrow to Don Quixote that his spear had been broken to pieces in this battle with the windmill.

George got more lazy and stupid, instead of less so, and though in some strange manner he kept his place, yet when Master Lake had once begun to employ his son, he found that he would get along but ill without him. To Jan, Abel's being about the windmill gave the utmost satisfaction.

"I will love you all my life," is his answer. This is how two of the water-party were enjoying themselves. A quarter of a mile farther off, another interesting little scene was going on in another boat. Trixy had been rattling on volubly. It was one of Trixy's fixed ideas that to entertain and fascinate anybody her tongue must go like a windmill.

Is it not so, my Prudencia?" she cried to the girl, who was curled on one corner of the table, gloating over the treasures she knew her uncle's generosity would make her own. "Look, how these little diamonds flash! And the embroidery on this crêpe! a dozen eyes went out ay! yi! This satin is like a tile! These fans were made in Spain! This is as big as a windmill.

Witness Sir William Phips's voyage to the wreck; it was a mere project; a lottery of a hundred thousand to one odds; a hazard which, if it had failed, everybody would have been ashamed to have owned themselves concerned in; a voyage that would have been as much ridiculed as Don Quixote's adventure upon the windmill.

Dinky-Dunk rode over to-day when Peter was bolting some new wire stuts on the windmill tower and I was busy dry-picking two polygamous old roosters which Whinnie had beheaded for me. My husband attempted an offhand and happy-go-lucky air which, I very soon saw, was merely a mask to hide his embarrassment.