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To Hurree Ganesh, January. Mr. Esmith, Esquire Dr. To supplying grass to one horse Rs. 7 0 0 Ditto to half a horse 3 8 0 Total Rs. 10 8 0 E. E.& contents received. The half a horse was a cow. As the monsoon draws to a close and the weather begins to get colder, a man in a tight brown suit and leather belt, with an unmistakable flavour of sport about him, presents himself at the door.

I took with me Bars. Amber, No. 2 25 Ditto, No. 4 15 Barraloolos 20 Beads 33 Scarlet 10 Balls and flints 2 Looking glasses 5 100; A soldier's musket, A pair of handsome pistols silver mounted. He sent them all back, and I was forced to put a silver mounted gun on it before he would accept of it; and likewise To Eerujama, the King's brother, Amber, No. 2 10 Barraloolo 5

Beat it with a spoon, and keep it boiling till the bread and water be well mixed: then season it with a little salt. A The Machine ready for use, with the Cover raised. B Moveable Fire place. C Cylindrical Boiler to be placed on B, with its Cover D. E Extracting perforated Cylinder to be placed within C. F Centre for ditto.

To cash lent, and to ditto, and to ditto, and to ditto, and oats, and bills paid at the milliner's and linen-draper's, and many dresses for the fancy balls in Dublin for my lady, and all the bills to the workmen and tradesmen for the scenery of the theatre, and the chandler's and grocer's bills, and tailor's, besides butcher's and baker's, and worse than all, the old one of that base wine merchant's, that wanted to arrest my poor master for the amount on the election day, for which amount Sir Condy afterwards passed his note of hand, bearing lawful interest from the date thereof; and the interest and compound interest was now mounted to a terrible deal on many other notes and bonds for money borrowed, and there was besides hush money to the sub-sheriffs, and sheets upon sheets of old and new attorneys' bills, with heavy balances, as per former account furnished, brought forward with interest thereon; then there was a powerful deal due to the crown for sixteen years' arrear of quit-rent of the town-lands of Carrickshaughlin, with driver's fees, and a compliment to the receiver every year for letting the quit-rent run on to oblige Sir Condy, and Sir Kit afore him.

He was, as I have said, a clerk in a bank, but his poetry had elevated him, somehow, to the rank of a provincial lion, and at certain houses, where the dinner was good and the wine was ditto, he ever was a welcome guest. I dined with him at the house of a friend in Woodbridge, and it seemed to me that he cared more for good feeding and a glass of wine and a pinch of snuff than the sacred Nine.

What the Letters of Vetus treated of I do not know; doubtless they ran upon Napoleon, Catholic Emancipation, true methods of national defence, of effective foreign Anti-gallicism, and of domestic ditto; which formed the staple of editorial speculation at that time.

Glogau scaladed with the loss of half a dozen men; Brieg gone within a week; Neisse ditto: and Mollwitz, above all, where, in spite of Romer and such Horse-charging as was never seen, we had to melt, dissolve, and roll away in the glitter of the evening sun!"

Nor could monarchs assume a more arbitrary method of proceeding. Ditto, p. 262-3.

But the little we had, was astonishingly interesting though it wasn't very long. Now we have a day and a night home again a hundred miles to a snipe shoot, my longest journey in proportion to the size of the shoot; but no distance at all compared with its novelty and interest. ... Drew most of the way home, cows, aloes, trees, women's figures, men's ditto, dogs, goats, palms, etc., etc.

Received General and his wife, and aide-de-camp, and two poodle-dogs, one white man-servant, one black ditto, and the Canon of , and the six nine-pound field-pieces, and sailed for the Cove of Cork.