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But, after what you have said, I feel bound, in the interests of Lady Verinder and her daughter, to tell you something which may possibly put the clue into your hands. I speak to you in confidence; you will oblige me, I am sure, by not forgetting that?" With this preface, he told the Indian traveller all that he had told me at the Shivering Sand. Even the immovable Mr.

'I am not aware that there is any motion before the house, said Geoffrey, cuttingly. 'Second the motion! 'Second the amendment! shouted the girls. 'Ladies, there IS no motion. Will you oblige the Chair by remaining quiet until speech is requested? 'Move that the meeting be adjourned and another one called, with a new Chair! remarked Margery, who felt that the honour of her sex was at stake.

Let her know, Nancy, out of hand, what I say; and I charge you to represent farther to her, That let he dislike one man and approve of another ever so much, it will be expected of a young lady of her unbounded generosity and greatness of mind, that she should deny herself when she can oblige all her family by so doing no less than ten or a dozen perhaps the nearest and dearest to her of all the persons in the world, an indulgent father and mother at the head of them.

About the second or third year of her reign, this John Jewel was made Bishop of Salisbury; and there being always observed in him a willingness to do good, and to oblige his friends, and now a power added to his willingness; this John Hooker gave him a visit in Salisbury, and besought him for charity's sake to look favourably upon a poor nephew of his, whom Nature had fitted for a scholar; but the estate of his parents was so narrow, that they were unable to give him the advantage of learning; and that the Bishop would therefore become his patron, and prevent him from being a tradesman, for he was a boy of remarkable hopes.

James, there is one thing I forgot to mention to you I think you intended to get a commission in some regiment abroad for this young man. Now if you would take my advice, I know this will not oblige his wife; and, besides, I am positive she resolves to go with him.

'Noblesse oblige. You have heard that motto, and know what it means. And then would you throw away from you in some childish phantasy all that I have been struggling to win for you during my whole life? Have you ever thought of what my life has been, Anna?" "Yes, mamma." "Would you have the heart to disappoint me, now that the victory is won; now that it may be made our own by your help?

Somewhere in my most desultory reading I have seen it stated that in some of those early Targums was the declaration, that 'God originally created men red, white and black. Mr. Hammond is charitable enough to say that I must have smoked an extra cigar, and dreamed the predicate I am so anxious to authenticate. Will you oblige me by searching for the passage?" "Certainly, Mr.

My father's son, madam, won't aggravate the wrong my father did you. Continue to be his widow, and give me your kindness. 'Tis all I ask from you; and I shall never speak of this matter again." "Mais vous etes un noble jeune homme!" breaks out my lady, speaking, as usual with her when she was agitated, in the French language. "Noblesse oblige," says Mr. Esmond, making her a low bow.

Should he force one of them to consent, it was not unlikely she would call her husband a blockhead a term almost certain to cause trouble in any family. After giving the matter deep thought, the King resolved to go to the Purple Dragon and oblige it to give up the wood-chopper's head.

Unforeseen circumstances oblige me to stop in London. I am sorry to say I have not succeeded in seeing Mrs. Mandeville, for which reason I cannot perform your errand; and I beg, therefore, with many apologies, to return the letter of introduction.