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He made his reckoning with an unmoved face, and with the same face stopped and stared, and moved from one to another; had he not seen the slaughter about "le petit homme" at Jarnac, and the dead of three pitched fields? But when a bystander, smirking obsequiously, passed him a jest on Soubise, and with his finger pointed the jest, he had the same hard unmoved face for the gibe as for the dead.

"He said also," I continued, "'Tell Babette I weep with her." She was very still and dazed; her fingers went to her white lips, and stayed there for a moment. I never saw such a numb misery in any face. "And last of all, he said, 'Ah, mon grand homme de Calvaire bon soir!"

Our historians all quote, with an admiration almost as misplaced as their horror of Warwick's "barbarous instincts," the vrai galant homme of an Englishman who in the midst of the trial cried out "Brave femme!" However we are not concerned to defend the English share of the crime.

I hope I shall see General Dubois again. I hope it will be on the day when he is made Governor of Strassburg. As we left Verdun the firing was increasing; it was rolling up like a rising gale; the infantry fire was becoming pronounced; the Germans were beginning an attack upon Le Mort Homme. Just before sunset we passed through the Argonne Forest and came out beyond.

The Bon Homme Richard was so riddled by the enemy's fire, and disembowelled by the gun-room explosion, that she could not be saved from sinking. When the wind freshened, the day after the victory, she became no longer tenable; her living freight was taken from her, and Jones, in the forenoon of the 25th, "with inexpressible grief," saw her final plunge into the depths of the ocean.

But in this case I should only exchange one disquietude for another, and with loss: figure to yourself, my dear Sir, that in giving you a chaise which would fall to pieces before you had got half-way to Paris, figure to yourself how much I should suffer, in giving an ill impression of myself to a man of honour, and lying at the mercy, as I must do, d'un homme d'esprit.

Quoted from article by "X," "Le Pan-Islamisme et le Pan-Turquisme," Revue du Monde musulman, March, 1913. This authoritative article is, so the editor informs us, from the pen of an eminent Mohammedan "un homme d'étât musulman." For other activities of Djemal-ed-Din, see A. Servier, Le Nationalisme musulman, pp. 10-13.

We asked for a cup of water to drink with it, "But Messieurs will not drink water!" he cried, and rushed in his generosity for his poor bottle of wine. My French-Canadian countrymen, that was a trait of yours! I remember too, when my shoe hurt me and I limped badly one evening along the Avenue of the Bois, the numbers of men and women who said to one another: "O, le pauvre jeune homme."

It is a poor and frivolous excuse, when anything curious is talked of that one has seen, to say, I SAW IT, BUT REALLY I DID NOT MUCH MIND IT. Why did they go to see it, if they would not mind it? or why not mind it when they saw it? Now that you are at Naples, you pass part of your time there 'en honnete homme, da garbato cavaliere', in the court and the best companies.

"Mon cher petit homme est mort, madame. C'est certain, mais j'espère toujours." There are many, many Frenchwomen to whom the death of their loved ones is certain, though they hope always. "I felt rather a pig talking fibs to the poor girl," confessed Madame. Madame Gilbert had made her plans with thoughtful care, and proposed to carry them out with hardihood.

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