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He at last timidly ventured to say: "Messieurs, I promise to do your commission; meanwhile, I offer you my table and beds as long as you please. But to give my advice in this matter is very difficult. By the way, it was not the fete of Sainte- Barbe I saw this morning?" "The Sainte-Barbe!" said Fournier. "The Sainte-Barbe!" echoed Du Lude. "They burned powder."

'Souvenir! he says, lightly, and the young woman catches the blossom and draws herself up with her eyes sparkling and calls, 'Bonne chance, Messieurs. Goo-o-o-d lock. She repeats the words over and over while the regiment passes, and the men answer, 'Bong chawnse' and 'Good luck, and such scraps of French as they know or think they know.

For a long time all these personages came to the Emperor's apartment almost every morning, and their visits were the origin of what was afterwards called 'le petit lever'. M. de Lavalette also came frequently, and also M. Real and Messieurs Fouche and Savary while each of them was minister of police.

Through the middle one they were coming out into the atrium; and as the big doors swung rapidly back and forth there were glimpses on the other side of a vast space full of rich yellow light. "Those messieurs stationed there would stop Mademoiselle, seeing she was a stranger, and demand her ticket.

Porthos pressed his friend's hand, and answered, "Yes; all is fair in war stratagem as well as force. Look yonder!" The squadron, which ought to have protected the king, was advancing to meet the English regiments. The king, who was entirely surrounded, walked alone on foot. He caught sight of Athos and Aramis, and greeted them. "Farewell, messieurs.

Will you take charge of our invitation to Messieurs Cavalcanti?" "When will it take place?" "On Saturday." "M. Cavalcanti's father will be gone." "But the son will be here; will you invite young M. Cavalcanti?" "I do not know him, viscount." "You do not know him?" "No, I never saw him until a few days since, and am not responsible for him." "But you receive him at your house?"

He said I certainly might, and that Mr. Johnson would take it as a compliment. So on Tuesday the 24th of May, after having been enlivened by the witty sallies of Messieurs Thornton, Wilkes, Churchill, and Lloyd, with whom I had passed the morning, I boldly repaired to Johnson.

It was a room of more distinction than I had seen since I had been in Charlestown, and reflected the solidity of its owners. "If you will be so kind as to wait here, Messieurs," said Mademoiselle, "I will call my mother." And she left us. I sat down, rather uncomfortably, but Nick took a stand and stood staring down at me with folded arms. "How I have undervalued you, Davy," he said.

Any fool who had been told your game would have put his finger on that island at once. That's the loneliest place where the cable goes ashore all up and down the coast, and it isn't British, and what more could you want?" With these meagre assurances, Messieurs Sheriff and White had to be content, as no others were forthcoming.

The woman's story was pitiful in the extreme. "Oh, what shall I do, what shall I do! My home is gone! My husband is gone! My children are gone! And for what?" wringing her hands and gesticulating wildly. "For what, Messieurs? For being quiet, inoffensive, loyal people!" In my clumsy fashion I succeeded in somewhat calming the poor creature, and she proceeded a little more coherently.