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But he put aside the proposition with anger and scorn. He thought that Claude Dubois was neither distinguished nor rich enough to match his niece. In his heart, he had reserved me for some conspicuous position in the great circle at Paris, while I had given myself to an obscure youth in Picardy.

"At the foot of the bed were standing Dubois and a closely-veiled female a young woman, as well as I could judge, and a person of tall and elegant stature, who, it would appear, spoke only French. "Dubois addressed me calmly. "'I hope, he said, 'you are in a better temper, my dear Talbot? "'It does not appear to me that the state of my temper is of any material significance, I answered.

I rose and went to La Mata, as the place is called. Animated by the pleasure the expedition gave her, my dear Dubois looked radiant. Those who saw her must have seen through her disguise, she was so evidently a woman; so she wrapped herself up in her overcoat as well as she could.

The girl who had formerly devoted great attention to her dress, now often needed to be reminded by Frau Dubois of her personal appearance when she went with her to walk or to church. She avoided all intercourse with other visitors to the spring after Ratisbon acquaintances had intentionally shunned her.

But he was not a man to waste his time in thanksgiving for what had just happened to him. This was a new scandal, which revived and aggravated the first. Everybody had arrived in the cabinet of the council, M. le Duc d'Orleans also; we were scattered about and standing. I was in a corner of the lower end, when I saw Dubois enter in a stout coat, with his ordinary bearing.

Casting a significant glance at Frances she handed her Abbe Dubois' letter, and said to her, with strong emphasis on every word: "You will see by this letter, madame, what was the object of my visit, which I have not before been able to explain to you, but on which I truly congratulate myself, as it brings me into connection with these two charming young ladies."

All fish must boil very gently, or the outside will break before the inside is done. In all cases salt and a little vinegar, a teaspoonful each, are allowed to each quart of water. Where the fish has very little flavor, Dubois' receipt for boiling will be found exceedingly nice, and much less trouble than the name applied by professional cooks to this method au court bouillon would indicate.

"With your permission, I must send that old fellow to look for me at the other end of France some fine morning. His insolence to you begins to tire my patience." "Leave him alone, Dubois, leave him alone, everything will come in time." "Even my archbishopric." "Ha! What is this new folly?" "New folly, monseigneur! on my honor nothing can be more serious."

Barbara thought that she had never seen a handsomer boy; and not only the Dubois, who had yielded their whole hearts to their nursling, but strangers also admired the magnificent development of this rare child.

Dubois, as she was called at the Traveller's Rest. It was not until the evening of the third day that they heard Marie-Anne utter a word. "Poor girl!" she sighed; "poor, wretched girl!" It was of herself that she spoke.

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