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The turnkey conducted him trembling from head to foot, and constantly crying under his breath, What was he to do! while his irresolute fingers bedabbled the tears upon his face up one of the common staircases in the prison to a door on the garret story. Upon which door the turnkey knocked with the handle of his key. 'Come in! cried a voice inside.

Ah, you do quite right, after all, to remain at the pork shop; perhaps you'll grow sleek and plump there." Then he suddenly went off. Florent climbed up to his garret, disturbed by Claude's nervous restlessness, which revived his own uncertainty. On the morrow, he avoided the pork shop all the morning, and went for a long walk on the quays.

He said a man might live in a garret at eighteen-pence a week; few people would inquire where he lodged; and if they did, it was easy to say, "Sir, I am to be found at such a place." By spending three-pence in a coffeehouse, he might be for some hours every day in very good company; he might dine for six-pence, breakfast on bread and milk for a penny, and do without supper.

Bébée found her in the twilight with her head against the garret window, and her left side all shrivelled and useless. She had a little sense left, and a few fleeting breaths to draw. "Look for the brig," she muttered. "You will not see the flag at the masthead for the fog to-night; but his socks are dry and his pipe is ready. Keep looking keep looking she will be in port to-night."

"The brute! Are you going to pay?" "No, Jinny." "Then they will take away the furniture." "I reckon they will." "Pa, you must promise me to take down the mahogany bed in your room. It it was mother's. I could not bear to see them take that. Let me put it in the garret." The Colonel was distressed, but he spoke without a tremor. "No, Jinny. We must leave this house just as it is."

They will teach you to float into a drawing room but you won't forget the garret? They will instruct you how to sit on gilt chairs you will think sometimes of the box, or the place by the hearth? You will become a mistress of the piano 'By the Coral Strands I Wander, 'The Sweet Young Bachelor' but I trust you will not learn to despise altogether the attic pipe?"

I remembered when I had seen him in the garret, at the bedside of his sick son, and I immediately sought out his son in the pit. Poor little mason! he was staring at his father with beaming eyes, and, in order to conceal his emotion, he made his hare's face.

I have scores of times given away my own clothes and have gone to the missionary "Dorcas Room" and fitted myself out with somebody's worn-out garments; and I, too, was expected to be grateful and to write of my gratitude to the person who, "for Jesus' sake," had cleaned out his cellar or garret.

She seemed to know instinctively what to do. "I wish you would bring that basin over here, and put it on the stand," said Mrs. Lloyd. "Martha, you fetch more towels, and, Maggie, you run up garret and bring down some of those old sheets from the trunk under the window, quick." This maid, who was as large and as ample as her mistress, fled out of the room with heavy, noiseless pads of flat feet.

Though it was only a garret, it was all very white and clean; and little Erik Svenson lay in the small bed facing the barred window, through which the moonbeams streamed till they seemed to turn the walls into polished silver. As Erik tossed about, he heard his mother working in the room below.

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