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I must acknowledge that I was beginning to share her surprise; and I began to turn over in my old head the singular thought of this young girl "One is uneasy about what one cannot understand." But, with a fresh burst of merriment, she cried out, "She asked me...guess! I will give you a hundred guesses a thousand guesses. You give it up?... She asked me if you liked good eating."

But he listened with more attention to the enthusiastic praises that circled round, and the various guesses which accompanied them. Soon, however, his former gloom returned, the Babel began to chafe and weary him. He rose, and went forth again into the air. He strolled on without purpose, but mechanically, into the street where he had first seen Helen.

To sneer at them is to misjudge their period. It was the very spirit of the Renaissance to press rhetorical learning into the service of patriotism. They made some happy guesses and not a few mistakes; and when they lied deliberately, it was done in what they held a just cause as scholars and gentlemen. The Calabria Illustrata of Fiore also fares badly at the hands of critics.

By this means I could build up an industry which means the wealth of Canada for the Canadians, and establish the paper industry of the world within the heart of our British Empire. So it was Farewell Cove and Sachigo on the coast of Labrador for me. And the locality had nothing to do with the man who guesses I robbed him." It was Bat who was held silent now.

Different rumours went about: the Prince Consort was informed that Savoy was to go for Lombardy, and Nice for Venetia; others said that Nice was to be the price of the Duchies and Legations. There was a persistent impression that the island of Sardinia was mentioned, which would not merit record but for the general correctness of the other guesses.

The clear water bubbled out all around the pedestal, and the statue and bowl were sunk a little below the level of the greensward, like a small Italian garden. "What is the figure supposed to represent, Miss Steele?" asked Helen. "You are allowed three guesses and then you won't know," laughed the Senior.

"Oh, I won't trouble you with more guesses. I must find something out first something really convincing, like that note book." I was a little piqued, but I merely laughed and said, "Well, we'll see!" By this time we were quite near the house. "Won't you come in and have lunch with us?" she asked.

Indeed, she was quite uncertain how much Rose had understood. She could not have kept back guesses, and she did not believe in honour on Rose's part. So she was nervous on finding that her uncle was gone out. When he came in to breakfast, he merely made a morning greeting. Afterwards he scarcely spoke, except to answer an occasional remark from her mother.

As for Aunt Jane " He looked very straight at her nephew and winked deliberately. "Oh, of course she's the unlimited limit," Roy agreed without shame. "I suppose if Dad plays up, she'll give him hell?" "Good measure, pressed down. By the way have you spoken to him yet of all this ?" "No. Mother probably guesses. But you're the first. I made sure you'd understand "

I have a month's mind, instead of this damnable iteration of guesses and forebodings, to give thee the history of a little adventure which befell me yesterday; though I am sure you will, as usual, turn the opposite side of the spyglass on my poor narrative, and reduce, MORE TUO, to the most petty trivialities, the circumstance to which thou accusest me of giving undue consequence.

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