""Sakra said, 'For what reason, O goddess adorned with plumes, do you desert Vali? Tell me this, O thou of sweet smiles! ""Sree said, 'I live in truth, in gifts, in good vows, in penances, in prowess, and in virtue. Vali hath fallen off from all these. Formerly, he was devoted to the Brahmanas. He was truthful and had controlled his passions.

His Pitris become enraged with him, and his race and the family become extinct. ""Sree said, 'That sinful house, in which eating and drinking vessels and seats and beds lie scattered, and in which women are beaten, the deities and Pitris leave in disgust.

Bathing in it, O foremost of the Kurus, a man obtaineth the merit of giving away a thousand kine. Going to the mountain Sree, one who toucheth the waters of the stream that is there by worshipping there the god having the bull for his mark obtaineth the merit of the horse-sacrifice. On the mountain Sree dwelleth happily, the effulgent Mahadeva with the goddess, as also Brahma with the other gods.

And behold how these lotus-lakes with fullblown lotuses, and ringing with the hum of black bees, are being agitated by elephants with their mates. Behold another lotus-lake girt with lines of lotuses, like unto a second Sree in an embodied form wearing garlands.

""Sree said, 'Virochana did not know me. This Vali also that is the son of Virochana knows me not. The learned called me by the name of Duhshaha. Some knew me by the name of Vidhitsa. I have other names also, O Vasava! They are Bhuti, Lakshmi, and Sree. Thou knowest me not, O Sakra, nor doth any one among the deities know me.

"At Wagram, Napoleon cut us open, ant surrountet us in such a way as zere vas no helping. Sree days hat we no provisions, ant stoot in ze vater op to ze knees. Ze evil Napoleon neiser let us go loose nor catchet us. "On ze fours day zey took us prisoners zank Got! ant sent us to one fortress.

Beholding next the image of Sree, one acquireth great prosperity. There in that tirtha is a well celebrated over the three worlds. Bathing in it, one obtaineth the merit of the horse-sacrifice. There also existeth a well sacred to the royal Rishi Janaka, which is worshipped by the gods. Bathing in the well, one ascendeth to the region of Vishnu.

""Sree said, 'I yield up another quarter of mine that is to be established in the waters. Do thou, after this, O Sakra, assign a proper place for my third quarter. ""Sakra said, 'The Vedas, the sacrifices, and the deities are all established in Fire. Fire will bear thy third quarter, when it is placed therein. ""Sree said, 'Here I yield up my third quarter which is to be placed in Fire.

Followed by Narada, Maghavat also proceeded towards that lady. With joined hands, he offered himself up to her, and versed as he was with all things, he worshipped her with reverence and sincerity never surpassed. The adorations over, the lord of celestials, O king, addressed Sree in the following words.

I sink sat iss not much trouble to be a countess in Ame'ica? "Se secondt sing" here a servant entered, and, it seemed to me, never would go out, but Senda waited till we were again alone "se secondt pahdon me, I sink I shall betteh se secondt sing divide again into two aw sree. And se fairst is sat Monsieur Fontenette vill like ve'y ve'y much to come home now right avay."