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Do ye all take up your arms, and resolve upon manly conduct, and ye will meet with no more misfortune, and defeat those wicked and terrible-looking Danavas. May ye be successful! Do ye fall upon the Danavas with me. "The dwellers of heaven were re-assured on hearing this speech from Sakra; and under his leadership, they again rushed against the Danavas.

And once more, with a keen shaft, Drona's son uttering a leonine roar, slew Prishdhra, and then proud Chandrasena. And then he slew with ten arrows the ten sons of Kuntibhoja. Then, O king, Drona's son despatched Srutayus to the abode of Yama. With three other keen shafts, equipped with beautiful wings and red eyes, he despatched the mighty Satrunjaya to the region of Sakra.

And it is for this fact that he came to be called Karna. And Sakra, having thus beguiled Karna that made him famous in the world, thought with a smile that the business of the sons of Pandu had already been completed. And having done all this, he ascended to heaven. And hearing that Karna had been beguiled, all the sons of Dhritarashtra became distressed and shorn of pride.

Applauding these words and saying, "Let it be so, O Krishna," Dhananjaya, the son of Sakra, lowering his bow, said unto Yudhishthira, that foremost of virtuous persons, "Listen, O king, there is no other bowman, O ruler of men, like unto myself, except the deity that bears Pinaka; I am regarded by even that illustrious deity.

Beg of me whatever boon thou desirest," Hearing these words of Sakra I did not become glad. Verily, O Krishna, I answered the chief of the celestials in these words. "I do not desire any boon at thy hands, or from the hands of any other deity. O amiable deity, I tell thee truly, that it is Mahadeva only from whom I have boons to ask.

But in truth, sorrow must be banished; I regret indeed leaving you; may your country have repose and quiet! safely defended by you as by the divine Sakra râga! May wisdom be shed abroad as light upon your empire, like the brightness of the meridian sun! may you be exceedingly victorious as lord of the great earth, with a perfect heart ruling over its destiny!

Beholding thee falling from the solar course, possessed of immeasurable energy and the splendour of fire or the sun, every one is curious as to what it is that is so falling, and is, besides, deprived of consciousness! Beholding thee in the path of the celestials, possessed of energy like that of Sakra, or Surya, or Vishnu, we have approached thee to ascertain the truth.

Then, O Bharata, a great dispute arose in that sacrifice of Sakra between the ascetics as to how sacrifices should be performed, that is, should they be performed with mobile creatures or with immobile objects. All of them were worn out with disputation. Is it preferable to perform sacrifices with animals or with seeds and juices?"

And Sakra, the lord of Sachi, bestowed on Nala the boon that he should be able to behold his godship in sacrifices and that he should attain to blessed legions thereafter, and Hutasana bestowed on him the boon of his own presence whenever Naishadha wished, and regions also bright as himself. And Yama granted him subtle taste in food as well as pre-eminence in virtue.

Thou hast already been recognised by the celestials and the celestial sages of high soul. Thereupon I said unto Sakra, 'O divine one, be thou favourable unto me. With the view of learning arms do I beseech thee that thou mayst 'be my preceptor. At this Indra said, 'O child, having learnt weapons thou wouldst perform terrible deeds and with this object thou desirest to obtain the weapons.

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