"You fancied you could plot in safety; and little thought that all which that girl said was overheard, and brought to me by one of my spies, who heard it through the open window. My silly sister, forsooth, is in love with you! You are to marry her, and make me your subject; and you will order me to give up Chandrasena, that she may marry her lover! You are much mistaken.

And having vanquished Samudrasena and king Chandrasena and Tamralipta, and also the king of the Karvatas and the ruler of the Suhmas, as also the kings that dwelt on the sea-shore, that bull among the Bharatas then conquered all Mlechchha tribes. The mighty son of the wind-god having thus conquered various countries, and exacting tributes from them all advanced towards Lohity.

When sufficiently recovered, she said to me: "On returning home after the ball dance, longing to see you, and sad with the thought that we might never meet again, I was filled with great happiness by the report which Chandrasena brought me of your love; but when I heard that you had been bound and thrown into the sea by my wicked brother, I fell into the deepest despair, and wished for death.

They still, however, form a large part of the population of Ceylon, Thibet, China, and some other countries, though the comparatively pure religion of the founder has for the most part degenerated into gross idolatry and unmeaning ceremonies. Chakravâka, name of a bird quoted for affection, as turtle-doves by us. Chandâla, a pariah, outcast. Chandrasena, foster-sister of the Princess Kandukavati.

My new friend, Kosadâsa, who had stood near me all the time, invited me to his house, where I was most hospitably entertained. In the evening, Chandrasena, the lady to whom he had introduced me, came to see him. I said to her: "I promised to find some means of freeing you from the importunities of the prince; this is what I have thought of.

Steeds born on the sea-coast and white as the moon, bore Chandrasena of fierce energy, the son of Samudrasena. Steeds of the hue of the blue lotus and decked with ornaments of gold and adorned with beautiful floral wreaths, bore Saiva owning a beautiful car to battle. Superior steeds of the hue of Kalaya flowers, with white and red streaks, bore Rathasena difficult of being resisted in battle.

At last the performance was ended; and, after again making a low obeisance in honour of the goddess, she walked slowly round the stage, leaning on the arm of her foster-sister Chandrasena, and followed by her maidens, casting several significant glances at me, and especially giving me one long lingering look as she withdrew.

That damsel, called Kandukavati, will to-day propitiate the goddess having the moon as a diadem. "But her friend, Chandrasena by name, her foster-sister, was beloved of me; and in these days she has been violently besieged by the king's son Bhimadhanwa.

Her brother was reconciled to me, and at my request, though very reluctantly, gave up all further attention to Chandrasena, who was happily united with her lover. When King Sinhavarma was attacked as you know, I marched with an army to his assistance; and have thus the great pleasure of meeting with you.

And once more, with a keen shaft, Drona's son uttering a leonine roar, slew Prishdhra, and then proud Chandrasena. And then he slew with ten arrows the ten sons of Kuntibhoja. Then, O king, Drona's son despatched Srutayus to the abode of Yama. With three other keen shafts, equipped with beautiful wings and red eyes, he despatched the mighty Satrunjaya to the region of Sakra.