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Vishnu, who is the cause of the origination, subsistence, and final destruction of the universe. Up. Moreover the clause 'to whom death is a condiment' shows that by the Brahmans and Kshattriyas, mentioned in the text, we have to understand the whole universe of moving and non-moving things, viewed as things to be consumed by the highest Self.

"And then and then, Your Honor, we carried him into his house and gave him water, and put wet cloths on the wound, and he laid down in his house and gave up the ghost." "In how long? In how long?" "About half an hour, after he received his wound. I call Vishnu to witness," yelled the wretched man, "that I did everything for him. Everything which was possible, that I did!"

The Hindu Dyaus, who carried his significance in his name as plainly as the Greek Helios, never attained such an exalted position; he yielded to deities of less obvious pedigree, such as Brahma and Vishnu.

All the texts have Bhavaghnaya. The correct reading, however, seems to be Bhagaghnaya, especially as the reference to Andhaka occurs immediately after. Vishnu means here the foremost of sacrifices. These articles must be offered to a visitor, whether he stands in need of them or not. All the texts read Kshirodasagaraschaiva. The correct reading is Kshirodasagarasyaiva.

On one side of this column appears a mammoth cross, and underneath it are figures of uncouth animals. Among these carvings are to be seen the Bulbul of Iran, the Boar of Vishnu, the elk, the fox, the lamb, and a number of dancing human figures.

He showed them planet after planet Marduk, where the Empire had begun, Baldur, Vishnu, Belphegor, Morglay, whence their ancestors had come, Amaterasu, Irminsul, Fafnir, finally Odin, the Imperial Planet.

If the old Hindu pantheism of the Bhagavad Gita taught that the worshippers of other gods were only worshipping the One Supreme Vishnu unawares; if Buddhism forbids its followers to assert that theirs is the only religion, or even that it is the best religion; is it not time that Christians should emulate this noble charity?

"Vishnu!" "Yes, the Vishnu!" continued the stranger. "You know what that means. For many years that vessel had lain there, entombed amidst the sands, until at last I on that lonely isle saw the sands swept away and the buried ship revealed. I went on board. I entered the cabin. I passed through it. At last I entered a room at one corner. A skeleton lay there. Do you know whose it was?"

It is thou who createst and it is thou who destroyest them. Thou art the eternal nature of all mortal or transitory things." "'Bhishma continued, "Hearing these words of Indra, Vishnu smiled a little and then said, 'It was with my circular disc that the Daityas were slain. It was with my two feet that the world was covered. Assuming the form of a boar I slew Hiranyaksha.

These three are the supreme deities in the pantheon, but Brahma is more of an abstract proposition than an actual god. For purposes of worship the Hindus may be divided into two classes the followers of Siva and the followers of Vishnu. They can be distinguished by the "god marks" or painted signs upon their foreheads.

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