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Ze cowards, fools, traitors zere upset ze table and I fall. I am cut! Ah, my God, how I am cut!" She stopped suddenly and lapsed heavily against the counter. At which Kane hurried around to support her into the surgery with the one fixed idea in his bewildered mind of getting her out of the shop, and, suggestively, into the domain and under the responsibility of his partner.

Arrived there, he stopped, put a finger to his lip, and laid his head plaintively on one side. 'Zere's an aw ful sight in zere, Daddy. 'You monkey, what have you been up to? David opened the door.

"You don't mean they'll take you like they took the people from Belgium, do you?" he asked. "Ziss is worse zan Belgium," Florette sobbed. "Zere ze people can escape to England." "Where would they send you?" Tom asked. "Maybe far north into Prussia. Maybe still in Alsace. All ze familees zey will separate so zey shall meex wiz ze Zhermans." Florette suddenly grasped his hand. "I am glad I see you.

"Cassandra has a lively tongue," laughed Madame, "and she finds it hard to control. Now for the rest of your friends, how would calendars do? You make beautiful water-coloring. Miss White shows me her pretty work, and always zere is one of your drawings. Cardboard is easy to get; a little bunch of flowers or some ozer design in colors, maybe a picture of yourself, and zat makes a nice gift."

"We are going there among other places," put in Bess, and her voice grew rather colder than her sister's, for the manner of the lace seller was passing strange. " Oh, to Sea Horse Island in ze West Indies Oh, if I could but go zere my father he is he is, oh, Senoritas, I crave your pardon, but -but "

"Zee lady she ask for Mr. Iglesias. I tell her I go to find him. I put her in zee drawing-room." "Quite right, Frederick," this encouragingly from Eliza. "But she no stay zere. She come again out quick. She not any name, not any visiting card give; only write somezing, very fast, on a piece of paper and screw it togezzer. Zen she not wait till I return, but behind me upstairs chase."

"It will goom soon doubtlez. Bud Bollyooly, will she obey? Zeze English blay zere creeket very 'ard." "She would be made obey," said the baron firmly. The grand duke changed the subject by raising his voice in a splendid, heartening roar at Pollyooly, who was running swiftly around the bases; and for nearly an hour he did his best to burst the welkin.

'Zere are here, continued Adolf, unseeing, 'some beyond-gombarison hard vords vich I do nod onderstand. For eggsample It was at this point that James kicked him. Adolf leaped like a stricken chamois. 'Vot iss? he cried. With these long envelopes in his hand James cared for nothing. He kicked Adolf again. 'Zo! said the student, having bounded away.

The point of an umbrella took me sharply below the shoulders. "What you call 'eem zat light? Ze light zere?" I wondered if I could swing my lead on to him; it was worth trying. Again came the umbrella; and again the bell of the engine-room clanged. "Are you ready there with the lead?" came the mate's voice above me. "All ready with the lead, sir." "What have we now?"

He was a tall, lean man, having a bald head but a thick, iron-gray beard, and his black eyes sparkled brightly from behind a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles. After attentively regarding the boy for a time he said, in broken English: "But, M'sieur, how can you fly wizout ze ze machine? I have experiment myself wiz some air-ship; but you zere is nossing to make go!"

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