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The voice whispered again: "Maak hast! Kom hier!" Or, "Hasten! Come here!" Nanking raised up and made a noise. "Wie komt, daar?" demanded the voice, and in a minute repeated: "Wie sprecht, daar?" They ask, "Who comes and who speaks?" said Nanking. "Blessed be the promises of heaven! It is Santa Claus!"

Following his usual plan of getting as much information as possible out of the French, he heard the old man, who seemed unaccountably shy and diffident, mutter casually "J'ai pensé que vous ètiez tous partis hier soir." "Comment?" said he, "tous partis? Mais, Monsieur, nous sommes les premiers Anglais qui sont arrivés ici." "Mais, Monsieur! Anglais? Ce n'est pas possible!"

Then she laughed at herself for such a day dream, and went out to do her share of household duties, singing mellifluously, as she trod barefoot through the passages, a mystic song of hope and renunciation: "Welt, packe dich; Ich sehne mich Nur nach dem Himmel. Denn droben ist Lachen und Lieben und Leben; Hier unten ist Alles dem Eiteln ergeben."

"Oui," said I, "tres nettement fait, et voila encore," slipping a Napoleon into his hand. "Ca s'arrange tres joliment, monsieur," said the man, grinning from ear to ear, and bowing to the ground. "C'est madame que vous voulez donc?" "Oui," said I. He led, I followed; he opened the door of a breakfast parlour "Tenez, madame, voici le monsieur qui m'a renverse hier au soir."

The Chamber of the Cloth of Gold and the Old Throne Room are highly ornamented, and contain massive gold and silver mementos of former kings and of Emperor William's long career. Here also is the great crystal chandelier which once hung in the Hall of the Conclave at Worms, and under which Luther stood when he made the immortal declaration, "Hier stehe ich; ich kann nicht andere; helfe mir Gott.

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Like Tayoga, the raw chill of the morning and the desolate forest of winter had no effect upon him. He too, was happy, uplifted, and he sang to himself the song he had heard De Galissonnière sing: "Hier sur le pont d'Avignon J'ai oui chanter la belle, Lon, la, J'ai oui chanter la belle, Elle chantait d'un ton si doux Comme une demoiselle, Lon, la, Comme une demoiselle."

They burned that town not by accident of shell fire and general conflagration, but methodically, house by house. In the midst of charred ruins I came on single houses standing, many of them, and on their doors was German writing in chalk "Nicht Verbrennen. Gute Leute wohnen hier."

By great good luck the Government commissariat stock, consisting of some thousands of sheep, and even some horses, had also been left behind. But we were not cheered. Among the many questions asked regarding this sad state of affairs was one put by an old burger: "Dat is nou die plan, want zooals zaken hier lyk, dan heeft die boel in wanhoop gevlug."

Mellicent, who took everything in deadly earnest, summoned up courage to give a mild little squeak of a reply. "Wee mais hier soir, il pleut;" and in the silence that followed Robert was visited with a mischievous inspiration. He had had French nursery governesses in his childhood, and had, moreover, spent two years abroad, so that French came as naturally to him as his own mother-tongue.